The Dirty Truth


Every day you are polluting and you don't even notice. Driving anywhere in your car creates exhaust. You also pollute when the plow trucks salt gets in the ditches. Air and ground pollution is terrible because it destroys many environmental things.

Air Pollution

Stop polluting you destroying are parts of the world. One of the ways is by acid rain. Acid rain is a liquid like rain but made of smoke or other air like chemicals. Smog ( a smoke like chemical) is one reason of acid rain, and smog is very deadly to humans if you breath the smog. Smog also destroys the o zone layer which keeps the air in our atmosphere.

Ground Pollution

You can also destroy the world if you pollute the ground. Plow truck salt can get in grass and other spots. The salt kills plants and if you have a lake near you the salt could wash into the lake and make the water dangerous to drink. Acid rain can destroy ground and wash into lakes . That would destroy the river and kill everything in it.

Why you should stop polluting

The world could be completely destroyed by pollution. Pollution could also kill all of the animals including humans then Earth could be deserted. If we keep on polluting are planet could be completely polluted.

Opposing Veiw

Some pollutions gets rid of infestations. It also kills killes flees and ticks. It also gives people more jobs to clean up the pollution.


You hopefully know that pollution can destroy the world in many ways. One of the ways is air pollution another is ground pollution. Hopefully you learned some new things about air and ground pollution.


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