The Puma Pride

December 6, 2021

Principal's Message

Hello, Willow Dale Families!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and break. Thank you to our students and families who submitted pictures from the Family Gratitude Scavenger Hunt. Take a few minutes to view the video in the newsletter.

As principal, I could not be prouder of our teachers and students. Their diligence, creativity, growth mindset, and energy are evident throughout all of the classrooms. Our teachers have been hard at work participating in a variety of professional development sessions in the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy as well as math literacy, to enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom. Check out the engaging learning taking place in our classrooms below.

Thank you to our families who participated in the Home & School Giving Tree project. If you plan to join in, the last day to send gift cards is Monday, December 6.

Mr. Julius and I are looking forward to seeing our families at some of the events this week.

More information about upcoming events can be found below.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a Pawsome week!

Dr. Perkins and Mr. Julius

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Willow Dale Family Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt 2021
Virtual Holiday Shop

Click here for more information

Join in on the fun at Family Code Night

Willow Dale Elementary School invites you to participate in our National Family Code Night, a free live-stream event for our K-5 families. This is a fun learning experience in which children do their first hour of coding with a parent or other partner. No experience needed! The event has been held in thousands of schools nationwide, and is now provided to our school via a live stream. So, save the date and get ready for a community learning experience the whole family will value and enjoy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

7 PM

Link to join the Livestream Event

**Send us your SELFIES!!

  • Tweet @Willow_Dale_ES
  • Tag the WD Facebook page
  • email your teacher

P.S. View the 1-minute National Family Code Nights Celebration video at

Family Code Night

Click here for the flyer

Exciting Things Happening in Kindergarten

As we proudly say each morning, Willow Dale accepts people of all backgrounds and shows them respect. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about holiday traditions and appreciate the diversity that we have in our classrooms. Students have enjoyed sharing their traditions with the class.

We have completed journal prompts and used their “Kid Writing” skills to tell us more about themselves. We are five separate classrooms, but like to fill our hallways with activities to bring us all together as one Kindergarten group. Students will continue to write, complete crafts, and hear stories centered around various holidays celebrated around the world. Teaching about diversity at a young age, creates an environment of appreciation and acceptance.

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Kindergarten Learning to Code

In Digital Literacy, kindergarten students have started coding! They are using the app, Kodable, to learn sequencing, loops, and conditionals. If you are interested in logging your student into Kodable at home, please reach out to Natalie Walton,

Fantastic First Graders!

Last month in first grade, we were very busy! In Math, we are learned about three addend addition (wow!). We are using the strategy of making ten to add numbers into the teens. In Language Arts, we are learning about patterns that help us to read and write. Ask your child about digraphs, bonus letters, and glued sounds. We are even learning trick and heart words! In Social Studies, we have learned about Veterans Day and the value of being a good citizen and about Thanksgiving. We have discussed the story of the first Thanksgiving and have been brainstorming what we are thankful for.

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3rd Grade STEM Challenge!

In November the third grade participated in a STEM challenge to go along with our mentor text Pop’s Bridge. We learned about the different types of bridges all around the world. The students were put to the test and challenged to build their own bridges using only toothpicks, gumdrops, and marshmallows. This challenge allowed the students to work in teams to problem solve and persevere through the different challenges that came during the building process. At the end of the challenge, each team was able to share their unique building strategies with their classmates!

3rd Grade STEM

Students Staying Active in Gym

Students have been very busy learning various large group games to work on teamwork, cooperation, reaction time, problem-solving, throwing skills, aiming at moving target, offense and defense strategies etc.

What we're learning in Health

Students have been doing a fantastic job in Health with Mr. Krasna this fall! Below you will find a short overview of the topics each grade is learning about in Health over the next few classes...

Kindergarten is learning about germs. We are exploring the following questions: What is a germ? What are the different types of germs? Where are germs found? What can I do to stay germ free? How can I make sure I don’t spread my own germs?
First and Second Grades are learning about nutrition. We are exploring My Plate and the Five Food Groups and it has been fun to see students discover new foods they never knew existed!

Third Grade has been diving deep into the food groups this fall. Right now we are focusing on the protein group. We are learning examples of protein foods and why they are beneficial to our bodies.

Fourth Grade is learning about stress and peer pressure. We are learning about the signs of stress and how to relieve stress in healthy ways. When it comes to peer pressure, we are learning strategies to say no when put in uncomfortable situations.

Fifth Grade is learning about choking prevention – the universal sign for choking, ways to eat safely and minimize choking risk and what to do if you or someone near you is having a choking emergency.

Math Challenge Winners - Week 4

Congratulations to all of the Willow Dale Elementary Winners and especially Mrs. Lapsley's class who won the overall challenge! A special congrats to the lucky drawing winners Hannah Geissler, Liliana Capanna-Isaac, Brian Gray and Adres Ciffentes.

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Peaceful Peer Mediators

Ten of our Willow Dale 5th grade Puma Ambassadors are currently being trained by Mrs. Zemitis and Mrs. LaRose in the peer mediation process. Peer mediators are students who are trained in mediation techniques and have been taught skills in communication and problem solving. The peer mediators help the students involved in a conflict talk to one another and understand one another’s point of view. Finally, they help them brainstorm and choose ideas that will solve their problem. The 5th grade peer mediators will soon be ready to help solve conflicts and help keep Willow Dale a peaceful school community.

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Specials Rotation Calendar

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Willow Dale is a Title I School

Please click on the links below to access more information about the Willow Dale Title I Program.

  • Willow Dale Title I Website with more information

  • Centennial School District Website with more information

Safety & Security


Visitors to the school must enter the school’s front foyer (white doors) and ring the bell, located next to the door that leads to the main office. Once buzzed in, our fantastic staff will be happy to serve you!

  1. Visitors must obtain a visitor’s pass from the main office.
  2. All visitors to the building must have his/her photo identification card scanned through the Raptor system to ensure everyone’s safety. Please make sure you have your driver's license or state photo ID card available upon entrance. The system will also ask questions related to health and wellness (COVID symptom check).
  3. Visitors or parents may be escorted to their room where their business or volunteer work is being conducted.
  4. Students are requested not to bring guests to school unless permission is granted in advance by the principal.
  5. Forgotten books, lunch money, lunches, etc. should be left in the office. We will see that they are delivered to the student.
  6. If a parent or designated adult is picking a student up from school early, a driver's license is required and the above process (step 2) must be completed to release the student.

Thank you very much for helping us maintain a safe school for our students and staff!

Breakfast and Lunch Information


The USDA has extended the waiver to continue feeding under the Summer Programs which entitles all children 18 and under to eat for free. These programs have been extended throughout the entire school year.

Parents, please continue to apply for free and reduced programs, as this helps fund other programs in the district which could benefit families. Now more than ever, we need families to complete the Free and Reduced meal application even though all meals are currently free. Please complete the application today.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Click here to access the menus

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2021-2022 Bus Schedules

Please click on the below link. Type in your address to access your child's busing information. Addresses with east, west, north, or south use the abbreviation E, W, N, or S with no punctuation. If that does not work, omit using it in your address. Access to the main website.


Children who attend school regularly make the best academic progress, graduate, and go on to successful post-secondary education and/or careers.

Students, who arrive late (after 8:45 am), must report to the office for a late slip. Parents should accompany tardy students to the office to sign in the student.

If your child is going to be absent, please notify the school to let us know.

Reporting Absences


Attendance Notes can be Submitted Electronically via email at Please know you will still receive automated phone calls (to the primary phone listed in Skyward) if you have not submitted an absence note via email on the days your child is absent from school.

**Absence notes must be submitted within 3 days of the student's absence, otherwise, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.

E-Mailing Attendance Notes

  • Parents with children in Willow Dale may e-mail attendance notifications/notes to the following address:
  • E-mail notifications are encouraged on the morning of the absence day. However, e-mailed absence notes may be sent on the day following the absence.
  • When sending an absence notification please include the following information:

  1. Child's Name
  2. Child's Grade
  3. Child's Homeroom Teacher
  4. Date(s) of Absence
  5. Reason for Absence
  6. Contact Phone # for Parent/Guardian
  7. Other Pertinent Information

  • While you may still continue to call the school on the day of absence, a follow-up e-mail or a written note is still required for the absence to be excused.

Childcare Arrangement Request

Transportation for childcare arrangements must be on a fixed schedule that is consistent from week to week. Transportation arrangements may take a week to arrange; please find alternative transportation for your child(ren) until you are notified of arrangements. Please confirm all arrangements with your child and your child(ren)’s teacher(s).

Please email completed forms to

Below is a link to the form.

Click here for the Childcare Arrangement Form.

Family Trips Scheduled During the School Year

Dear Centennial Families;

The Centennial School District Board of School Directors approved Policy 204.1, Family Trips Scheduled During School Year.

Although the scheduling of family trips during the instructional year is not encouraged, the Centennial School Board recognizes that students may benefit educationally by accompanying their parent(s)/guardian(s) on trips. The revision to the policy will allow the schools to approve up to five (5) days instead of three (3). Any trip beyond five (5) days will need the approval of the Superintendent.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) who are requesting approval for a family trip need to complete and submit the attached form to their building principal at least two (2) weeks before the trip.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Perkins or Mr. Julius.

School Safety Drills

Over the course of the school year, schools are required to conduct monthly safety drills.

We will practice fire, lock-in, lock-out, and weather emergency drills. These drills may or may not be announced. Unannounced drills more accurately indicate the preparedness of the school and the effectiveness of safety procedures. Your child's teacher will review the exercises and procedures with their classes. Please make the teacher aware of any concerns regarding your child's participation in the safety drills.

The Warminster Director of Emergency Management Services and the Warminster Police Department will be invited to observe our drills and provided feedback for improvement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Perkins or Mr. Julius.

Willow Dale Elementary School

Willow Dale Elementary School creates a safe and caring atmosphere focusing on growth through innovation, risk-taking, and character development in order to foster the success of all students