2021 4-H Officer Training Week

Welcome to 4-H Officer Training Week, February 21 - 27! Each day of Officer Training Week will focus on one topic or officer position. Check your email or social media daily for new information.

The Role of the President

The position of president enables you to connect with your friends, fellow members, advisors, parents, and your community. By conducting structured meetings and working to make sure all members have a chance to contribute to the club you are assisting in, you are creating the next generation of leaders for your club. Presidents should have the respect and admiration of club members to lead your club through a successful 4-H year.

President's Handbook

Ohio 4-H Officer Training: President

Duties of the President

  • Meet with advisors prior to the meeting to plan the agenda for the business meeting.
  • Conduct the 4-H club meeting using parliamentary procedure.
  • Maintain order and control during meetings. Be courteous, but firm.
  • Guide the meeting in a tactful, courteous way. Avoid talking too much or voicing personal opinions on motions under discussion. The president is the “guide” or “pilot” for the meeting.
  • Encourage everyone to participate in the meeting and provide opportunities for all members to be heard.
  • Decide points of order fairly.
  • Work with other club officers as a team to plan and follow through with programs and events.
  • Appoint committees as needed by the club and define the responsibilities of the committees.
  • Delegate responsibilities and make sure that everyone gets to serve on a committee or have a job in the club at some time during the year.
  • Be courteous to guests and introduce them to the club.
  • Cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.
  • Attend as many 4-H meetings and activities as possible, and be prompt and enthusiastic.
  • Let the advisor know well in advance if you cannot attend a meeting so that the vice- president will have time to prepare to take over the role of the president and preside over the meeting.
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