Lauren Rodriguez B3/R12

The Basics about Silicon

  • This Chemical Element name is Silicon
  • The symbol for Silicon is Si
  • (+) Protons is 14
  • Neutrons is 14
  • (-) Electrons is 14
  • Atomic number is 14
  • Atomic mass is 28.086 rounded to 28
  • Color is Grey
  • Crystal structure is Cubic
  • 4 Valence electrons

Description of Silicon

Silicon is a chemical element that is a tetravalent metalloid,more reactive than germanium, and is the metalloid directly below it in the periodic table. The element was found in year of 1824 by the German scientist Jons Berzelius. You can find Silicon in clay,granite,quartz, and sand. More facts about Silicon is the melting and boiling point, melting point is 2,577 F and boiling point is 4,274 F.

More pictures of Silicon

Completing Atom formulas


A=P=E = 14=14+14

M-A=N = 28-14=14

P+N=M = 14+14=28

Electrons are arranged in electron clouds and around the nucleus. The reactivity is determined by the number of valence electrons,or electrons in the outermost energy levels.