The Florence Falcon

October 21, 2016


Thank you Nicole Law for visiting with us on ICLE Data Teams! She was a great resource and provided tremendous insight. Nicole was extremely impressed with all of you and where you are in this process. She did not expect to see that we would be this far along! Thanks to all of you for taking on this challenge this year. It speaks highly of you that you are a campus that continuously wants to learn and improve your skill and knowledge!

Another great job with the lockdown! Everyone was sealed up tightly! If you do not have blinds or 1/2 blinds, please have construction paper rolled up ready to roll down at all times to cover windows. Farah has put in a work order; however, we have no idea when it will be addressed. I will be happy to help you put it up - just let me know!

Get some much needed rest this weekend!

Hugs and love you all!


Mark you calendar for Fridays from November 4th - December 2nd!

The STACC kiddos are going to be selling hot chocolate and apple cider to teachers and staff every Friday starting November 4th through December 2nd. They will come by for orders the day before and then deliver the drinks every Friday morning. The money is going to be split between the four students for the Peppermint Village where they will be able to buy Christmas gifts for their families. We would greatly appreciate your support as our kiddos learn some valuable life skills through their hard work and dedication :). Thank you so much!! Drinks will be $.25 and additional toppings $.10 each. So fun!!


Recess / Video Guidelines

Your team leads will be clarifying recess but I wanted to share with you state requirements. We are required to provide students with 135 minutes of exercise weekly. Florence students have the opportunity to participate in PE twice weekly for a total of 120 minutes. Our state requirement for recess would be an additional 15 minutes weekly. We believe it is in the best interest of students to provide students with additional opportunities; therefore we require a daily recess for K-4 students. The 30 minute timeframe for recess includes transitions, water, bathroom and recess. We exceed state guidelines if the actual activity time is 15 minutes daily.

As a reminder, videos may be used for educational purposes only and tied directly to the curriculum; They may not be longer than 12 minutes. They may not be used for indoor recess, incentives, or rewards. The good news is we can offer video alternatives to where students are moving during indoor recess. is an excellent way to keep students moving. There are other exercise types of videos that you can utilize during recess as well.

Please refer to the AR concerning videos if you have any questions.

PLC's next week

We will be recapping the data team meeting with Nicole and reviewing upcoming Writing Benchmarks. Please bring those with you to our PLC meeting. Farah will be discussing upcoming common assessments.

Storybook Character Day - October 28th

I hear it is quite the tradition at Florence and I am excited to be a part of the fun! Farah is bound and determine to 'win'...... Ok you know Farah - she's going to win even if there is no competition! LOL!

Innovative Grants - From Educational Foundation

I am hearing some teachers discussing plans to write a grant! I sure hope you do!! Remember there is no harm in trying!!! We want to hear those drum lines coming through the halls of Florence Elementary!!

Health Insurance - Open Enrollment October 17th - 31st

Ann Lallande is our liaison to provide information for health insurance. Open enrollment is from October 17th - 31st. ALL employees must complete the open enrollment information even is you chose not to participate in district insurance options.

Casey Kids

The 20th Annual Casey’s Kids 5k Run/Walk is coming up on October 29th. This event, sponsored by Keller ISD and Keller Council of PTA’s , directly benefits Keller ISD students in need.

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Upcoming events

Oct 24 & 25 - 4th Grade to Camp Carter

Oct 26 - Jacque Out - Principal's Meeting

Oct 27 - Coffee Talk with PTA President 8:30 - 9:00

Oct 28 - Storybook Character Day

Oct 29- Casey Kids Fun Run

Oct 31/Nov 4 - Writing Benchmark

Nov 1st - Faculty Meeting

Nov 3rd - Open House 6 - 7

Nov 7th - PTA General Body Meeting @ 6:15 and 2nd Grade Performance

Nov 10th - Fun Run

Nov 11th - Student Holiday

Nov 18th - Spirit Holiday

Nov 21-25th - Thanksgiving Break

Nov 29th - Bedtime Stories with Dad 6:30-8:00 & Peppermint Village

Nov 29- Dec 2nd - Peppermint Village

Nov 29 - Angel Tree begins

Nov 30 - Book Fair Preview

Dec 1st-7th - Book Fair