200 meter backstoke

By: Connor McLean

200 meter backstroke

The 200 meter backstroke is a sport in the summer Olympics where you swim on your back to one end of the lane and back. The 200 meter backstoke requires endurance and the ability to hold your breath for a while.

Fast improvements

The reason for this article is to explain if women are improving faster than men and eventually be more athletic in this sport

The Goal

The goal of this article is to show when and if women will surpass men in 200 meter backstroke

Line Graph

The red line is the girls and the blue one is boys. The reason they are going down is there times are getting faster.


Big image

The Instersection

The intersection is the point where two different lines have the exact same x and y. The boys and the girls had a very slow improvments and in around 100 years the women performance will surpass the men's.

The X Coordinate

The X coordinate numbers are the numbers on the bottom of the graph. The X in my graph is the year that the events happened.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinates are the numbers on the left of the graph. The Y in my graph is the time it took the gold medalist to backstoke to one end of the pool and back.

Scatter Plot (I couldn't move it up)

The red dot Xs are the women and the blue Xs are the men.