The World Trade Center Replaced

Shania Wendland

Stable Base

The base will be made out a very sturdy concrete able to withstand exceptional large impacts. The strongest concrete in the nation would host the One World Trade Center, in this new life. The foundation will be driven four stories into the sacred ground beneath. The superstructure includes 19 stories of space. This designated space will include three mechanical floors and a lobby. The base offers four basement floors.

Offices. Floors 20-63 & Floors 65-88

These offices will be the first step, offering another lobby, and maybe observation areas. These offices are used for business purposes and communication.

Floor 64

Floor 64 will offer a sky lobby. This is an are for observations to be made of surrounding areas. These areas could very well pose a place to be onlookers to the ground zero museum.

Floors 89-99 & Floors 103-104

These ten floors of One World Trade Center will house the mechanical equipment as well as the technological equipment needed for the entire structure of the building. Skyscrapers typically need the Mechanical floors strategically placed within the building to cover all areas.

Floors 100-102

This area will provide a public space to tourism, as well as civilians. This area may include the performing arts center. Pieces related to the museum, or any other public service.

1,776 ft Tall Spire and Antenna

The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, declaring us our freedom. The Spire and Antenna is a symbolic resemblance of the freedom we all have received because of our country. Meaning we stand strong against all other forces, and that we as a country are a strong fighting nation.

An American Flag is draped over the Spire as it is raised up.


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