Stop Cyber-bulling!

cyber bulling prevention

  1. Protect your password
  2. Keep photos “PG”
  3. Never open unidentified or unsolicited
  4. Log out of online accounts
  5. Pause before you post
  6. Raise awareness
  7. Setup privacy controls

impact of cyberbulling

cyber bulling causes psychological, emotional and physical stress. it also can lead to suicidal thought or attempts. cyber bulling is never positive.

how to respond if you are cyberbullied

  1. Talk about it. Tell someone if you're the target of cyber-bullying
  2. Ignore them. If there is an isolated incident where you are being bullied, don't respond to the instigator
  3. Never retaliate
  4. Tell them to stop
  5. Laugh
  6. Save the evidence
  7. Block access to cyberbullies
  8. Report it to the content provider