That Was Then This Is Now


What is friendship to you?

The definition of friendship in the dictionary says, "a friendly feeling or attitude" ( In the book That Was Then,This Is Now, there is alot of friendship based on this definition. That Was Then,This Is Now shows friendhip when bryon asks charlie for coke. The book says, "A dime for cryin' out loud! Cant you let me charge a dimefor a coke?"
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New friends are made everyday.

New friends are made everyday at unexpected times and places. In That Was Then,This Is Now, there are a lot of new friends made.Sometimes you can even make friends with your "enemies". Bryon makes a friend with his enemy when he is at the dance with Cathy and Curtis is there. Mark gets hit with a bottle and Curtis is there with him,so Bryon thanks Curtis and begins building a friendship with him.

Friendship is good for your health.

Scientists say, "No matter if you’re female or male, having friends is a good thing. People with a wide network of friends have less tension, suffered from less stress, had stronger defenses and lived longer." The author's message about mark is that he is so laid back because he has so many friends and connections. ( )
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