The Roar

By Emma Clayton

Mika lives in future London behind a wall that protects them from the plague. Or so he's been told . Ever since his twin Ellie vanished a year ago Mika starts to realize that there are lots of secrets andlies. "When a mysterious organization starts recruiting mutant kids to compete in violent virtual reality games, Mika takes the chance to search for his missing twin sister-and the truth"-the Roar by Emma Clayton

Rising Action

Mal Gorman, a bad guy, kidnaps a twin Ellie. To kidnap more kids, he comes up with a plan. His plan is to build a game, called Pod Fighter. To get kids to play his game, he created prizes such as vacations, living in the Golden Heights of London, or winning a pod fighter of their own.

When Mal Gorman and Mika meet for the very first time Mika makes a promise that he will come back after seeing his new apartment.


The people from under Paris break through the ground of the Golden Heights. They start taking over Golden Heights, forcing everyone to flee. Mika and one of his friends take over a pod fighter and fly over the wall that separates the people from the animals that carry the plague. Mal Gormans security follows them. However, Mika now knows there is more out there. Mika and his friend crash in to a tree.

Falling action

Mika tells Mal Gorman he had to run away because so many people were coming after him and that running was his only chance of staying alive. Mal Gorman tells them the reason they don't want anyone to go over the wall is because the animals were coming extinct, as is the forest. They lied to preserve the forest and animals.


Mika and his family find out that on the other side of the wall is actual people living there. They end up living on the other side of the wall with like 2% of the population. All of his friends from the top 10 also lived on the other side of the wall so he had friends to play with. Plus, they find out that the animals aren't that bad and everyone had been lying to them the whole time.