Profile of Genghis Khan and his sons and Decline of Mongol Dynasty

He was a strong ruler and devoted himself to conquest. Khan had one of the biggest empires. He was also a great leader. Genghis had 5 sons, Ogedei , Jochi, Tolui, Chagatai, and Gelejian. The most successful achievement for them was the conquest of Sung dynasty of China. The dynasty started to decline when Genghis grandsons started to rule. A group of anti-mongol rebellions drove the Mongols out of the land.

Religion & Government

Buddhism people have one goal and its to achieving nirvana, or liberation of the cycle for life or death. People of Daoism live as individuals and retreat from and are born with a lot of potential. Neo-Confucianism didn't start getting popular until the 11th century. The new system was addressed not only social and intellectual concerns but also spiritual ones.

Golden Age

During this time 48,000 poems were written. Poems were a symbol of beauty of nature, the changes of the seasons, and joys of friendship. Paintings reached a high point at this time period. Artisans perfected these skills and made a lot on it.

Summarize a day in Genghis Khan's army

The army moved very slowly to places. The riders tried to keep their houses fresh for battle. Their gear was carried by 75,000 owen and camels. The men were expected to be expert horsemen and fighters.