Blue Max Garage Door Opener

Security Tips To Avoid Break-ins

Garage door has always been the target of thieves because they can easily break through. Any homeowner will be threaten by this fact, which is the reason why chooses to install automatic garage door opener that has a rolling code technology. This is where your remote will going to send out a new code every time you press it.

Here are some pointers you can consider in order to ensure security on your garage door:

  • Avoid going away from your car without your garage opener remote. If left on the car, a thief may steal it that allows him to have access to your home.

  • Do not leave your garage door unattended because any time thieves might enter steals your important belongings.

  • Lock the latch of your garage door especially when you are going to far places for a vacation. If manual lock is not available you can use a c-clamp as an alternative. This is commonly used to tighten every side of your garage door.

  • Do not ignore the maintenance. Always observe it to prevent the corrosion of it's parts. Do not also forget to check the frame, locks, hinges, rollers, springs and any changeable parts.

  • Be sure that from your garage door to the house has the same security as your front door. A strong solid door is best advised or those that are made from solid core wood or steel and improve it by putting an anti-kick device.

  • Set up a wide angle peephole that will allow you to view what's going on your garage door. The best location is in between your house and garage door. So if you hear something strange you can actually see what's happening instead of opening your garage door.

Following these can effectively help in avoidance of break-ins, that can cause too much loss on the part of the homeowner. You can now feel the full security of your home and your garage door. In case you need some garage door maintenance, you can visit here!