3H Class Newsletter

November 10, 2014

Donating Halloween Candy!

Welcome back 3H Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break. Children had a wonderful time at our classroom Halloween party! A special thank you to our room moms for all of their hard work and thank you to all of our parents for planning, attending, and making the party such a success for our class!

I know we have extra candy leftover at our house and I imagine many of you do as well. The fifth grade will be collecting any extra candy to donate to children who did not receive candy this year. Please think about donating by sending extra candy your family may have into school.

Important Login Information

There are many amazing resources for your to use on the computer at home. One important resource, Moby Max, will help children prepare for the PARCC test they will be taking this school year. The PARCC test is a computer based assessment so practicing reading and math skills on a computer will be especially helpful!

Moby Max:

  • Click here to work log onto Moby Max: http://www.mobymax.com/signin
  • Username: student ID number; Password: "password"
  • Practice third grade math skills with "Math" icon
  • Practice reading and answering questions with the "Stories - Reading Fiction and Nonfiction" icon
  • Practice your facts! Use the "Fact Master" icon to practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Students will start with a placement test which will assess which facts students need to work on most. Fact practice will then be based on individual student's current knowledge. Children have a limited about of time to answer each fact, which is excellent for practicing speed. When children answer a fact incorrectly, the correct answer will be explained to them.

Think Central (Journeys):

  • Click here to access the Journeys website https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do
  • Username: student ID number; password: "password"
  • Click on "My Library" to access our student ebook. We are currently reading stories in Book 1. If you and your child will be reading the Journeys story online, please note that in their homework planner so I know he or she does not need to bring home their Journeys textbook.
  • Want extra reading material that relates to our main selection? Click on the "Journeys Leveled Readers" for short stories that correspond to the main selection.

Everyday Math Online:

  • Click here to access the Everyday Math https://www.everydaymathonline.com/student_login.html
  • Username and password are located in the front or back of each child's planner.
  • Students can access Everyday Math games for grade three and before or beyond. Children really enjoy playing these games in class, and they are a wonderful way for children to practice their math facts and skills!
  • You can also access "Algorithms in Everyday Mathematics" and the "Algorithms Handbook" which both explain the different processes we learn in class in case your child is having trouble with her or her homework.

Spelling Tab on E-board:

Check Out What We've Been Learning!

Writing: We're just about finished drafting our second seed story! Students have been working hard to become their own "job captain" meaning that they use our classroom resources to decide which steps they should take next as writers. We've also been working on writing from inside a memory. We do that by telling the story bit by bit, as if we were there, rather than reporting the story. Students have also been working on making important revisions to their stories to make them the best they can be.

Reading: We've tackled a few reading skills since we read Destiny's Gift. First we read Pop's Bridge and worked on the skills of comparing and contrasting. Children were asked to compare and contrast characters in the story or to compare and contrast the story, Pop's Bridge, with another picture book by the same author or on a similar topic. We also worked on the more difficult skill of finding causes and effects while reading Roberto Clemente. Children really enjoyed reading a biography and were able to use a "so-because" chart we had in class to differentiate between causes and effects and events that happened in a sequence.

Math: We finished Unit 2 where children practiced different addition and subtraction algorithms and applied those algorithms to word problems. We also started Unit 3 where students have been practicing measuring using the U.S. Customary System and the Metric System. Children learned to break a ruler into halves, quarters, and eights. In class we will be measuring mostly in half inches and quarter inches.

Science: Our Wisconsin Fast Plants have grown so rapidly that we needed to pollinate right away. Students acted as bees by using Q-Tips (that we colored black and yellow!) to brush against the the flowers of their own plants and then the flowers of their classmates' plants. Children have also learned that plants, like children, grow at all different rates. Some children have seen evidence of seed pods while some other children are still waiting for their plants to flower.

Computers: Children learned to screen shot an image! We took a screen shot of our Tagxedos so we could print the full image. Learning to take a screen shot is a wonderful computer skill that students did a great learning. Our printed Tagxedos are now hanging in our classroom, and they look awesome!

Upcoming Students and Poets of the Week!

  • Week of November 10: Student of the Week - Joe
  • Friday, November 14: Poet of the Week - Loudon
  • Week of November 17: Student of the Week - Frank
  • Friday, November 21: Poet of the Week - Hannah
  • Week of December 1: Student of the Week - Catherine
  • Friday, December 5: Poet of the Week - Tory
  • Week of December 15: Student of the Week - Noa
  • Friday, December 19: Poet of the Week - Owen

Important Dates!

  • Wednesday, November 26: Half Day - Thanksgiving Break
  • Thursday, November 27 & Friday, November 28: No School - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 2 or 3: Secret Shop (Specific time to follow)
  • Friday, December 5: Spirit Day
  • Saturday, December 6: Central School Holiday Breakfast 8:00am
  • Wednesday, December 10: Half day - Afternoon Conferences
  • Thursday, December 11: Evening Conferences
  • Friday, December 12: No School - Full day Conferences
  • Monday, December 15: Half day - Afternoon Conferences
  • Tuesday, December 23: Half Day - Winter Break
  • Wednesday, December 24 - January 4 - Winter Break