Wanted: Cat-Scratch Disease

You Gotta Be Kitten Me.


Cat-Sctatch Disease (CSD)

Bartonella henselae



How to know when this outlaw is in town.

Symptoms include:




Lymph node swelling

Lay down the Law

Can be treated with prescription antibiotics.

A shootout will also do.

Hide Out

At the infection site and at the closest lymph node to the infection site.

Can be found throughout the world.


Transmitted by cats to humans.

Attacks the lymph node closest to the infection site.

Cats can get infected when an infected flea bites the cat.

Transmitted when saliva from an infected cat gets in an open wound, or a human is scratched by an infected cat with flea dirt in their claws.


This disease affects cats and humans.

People of any age are susceptible to this disease. However, the young and the elderly are most likely to have severe symptoms because their immune systems are usually weaker than an average person.


Not a serious disease, however, it can weaken the immune system, which could "open the door" for worse infections.

You know you have it if you have a fever, fatigue, headache, or lymph node swelling.


The mortality rate is extremely low, almost nonexistent.

To defend against this disease is easy. Stay away from cats, or if that is not feasible, do not let cats lick open wounds or scratch you.

CSD is treated and cured with prescription antibiotics.