Virtual Resume

By: John Hanna

My Smart Goal: Academic

S-By the end of my high school career I want to be able to achieve an overall average of 90% or higher.

M-If I plan to go to University and peruse my career in science or technology, my grades are going to have exceed the required grades, and impress the University so they accept me. In order for all of this to happen, I will do everything in my will to check on my grades and see if they need improvement or not. The ways I'll try and keep up with my grades are for one asking for mark updates from my teachers, if not enough marks have been collected and implemented into the system to affect my mark from the last mark update, I can simply look at my previous tests and quiz's to give me an idea of where I stand. If my totals on those assessments are poor, they indicate that I need to improve on those certain areas of the course.

A-If I really want to achieve my final goal in high school, I'm going to have to sacrifice some things I do on my spare time that can cause me to fall off track, and also do extra things that will help me improve on my grades. I enjoy playing games a lot or playing soccer, but in the future, if i notice that a test or something important like an exam is coming up, I will have to make the right decision and drop the activity I planned on doing and instead review or study for whatever the upcoming event is. I can also prepare study notes and review them before an upcoming test, although I already have the notes down, writing it down once again allows your brain to process everything once again what you're writing and allows you to preform better on tests. One of my strengths are getting my homework done when I get home and try to comprehend what I'm doing, this will prepare me for the test because I am applying what I learned earlier in the day.If I find my self lost, I ask the teacher for help the next day. One my weakness that I find my self doing is reviewing for a test on the day before, what this causes me to do is to condense everything into my head all at once, which causes stress and staying up late. If I continue doing this, I will gradually do worse on the tests because I'm forcing everything into my head and end up memorizing rather than understanding. To prevent this I will review from a week before the test, and I will split the review daily causing it to be less stress on me and easier for me to understand.

R- Yes, I believe I can achieve this goal if I set my mind to it. This is important to me because If I want to go into University, I need a high overall average. The reason why University is important to me is because I need University for my education and later on my future job, Without the education, I can't get anywhere besides working at a job that pays minimum wage an hour for the rest of my life. University will help me get my degree and getting the job I desire, with the highly educated job, the income I receive will be decent enough to support a family.

T-The time frame of achieving this goal is by the end of semester 2 of grade 12 in 2018. My smaller goals that will help me achieve my overall average of 90% or higher are studying more when required, this will prepare me for the tests and will ensure me higher grades. I will surround my self with the right friends that wont cause me to fall off the path to success, good students sometimes are influenced by their bad friends and cause them to become careless about school and end up doing things that are unhealthy for the human body such as drugs, alcohol, etc. Finally, I will always ask the teacher for assistance when something is not clear, If more attention is required after school I will meet with the teacher after school for help, If the teacher is busy I can always go online for help, now a days there are many websites that help out with studies such as Khan Academy. Doing this will strengthen me as a student and will prevent me from being lost with all these questions.

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My Smart Goal: Volunteer

S- By the end of my high school career in 2018, I'd like to have at least gained a total of 40 hours worth of volunteering.

M-If I want to make sure I am getting enough hours worth of volunteering, and keep track of exactly how many hours I've volunteered. I will create a chart of the days I've volunteered through the week and the amount of hours I chose to volunteer. With this set of information, I will have a precise idea of where I stand with my goal, If I need more, or if I have surpassed it.

A- To achieve these 40 hours worth of volunteering, I will go to church every Wednesday and Sunday and help out in any way I can. I currently go on Wednesdays and help out with sound system which consists of setting up mics, projectors, laptop, audio setting etc. On Wednesdays I can also go downstairs and help out because there is a program that runs every Wednesday for kids, so with this opportunity I can go and help them out with supervising the kids, or taking care of them while they play games in the gym.One of my strengths are willing to help out when its needed, I will do anything to assist another person even if the job can be challenging. One of my weakness are that I can get frustrated If people, such as kids, choose not to listen to me. To prevent this I can try and compromise with them or threaten to take away some of their privileges such as "play time".

R- Yes, I really can achieve this goal. Reason being is because I already go to church every Wednesday and Sunday, help is always required which is good for volunteer hours for people like me, this makes it realistic for me since I have 2 more years down the year until graduation. This goal is important to me because If I don't complete the minimum requirement of 40 volunteering hours, I will not be allowed to graduate from high school, and will have to stay there until I do so. So completing this goal is important to me, and probably is best to complete as soon as possible instead of procrastinating.

T-The time Frame of achieving at least 40 hours worth of volunteer hours, is by the end the end of my twelfth year in high school which is in 2018. Smaller goals that will help me achieve my goal is by going to church every Wednesday and volunteering instead of doing my homework, I tend to do my homework at church sometimes, If I find some days I don't have much homework, I will delay myself from doing the homework and just wait till I get home and go volunteer instead, If I keep doing this I will have completed the 40 hour requirement before grade 12 and will surpass it greatly.

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Transitions and Changes video

In this video, you will see me explain about what I'd like to pursue in the career and why. I also explain what I'd be doing everyday and what requirements I'd need to achieve in order to earn my dream job, the link to my transitions and changes video is below.

My Professional Resume


I am passionate about the medical industry and am look for a position with a company that offers medical care and service to the public.


York University

Bachelor of Life Science

Toronto , Ontario

September 2018 - June 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School


Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Bramalea Secondary School


Brampton, Ontario

September 2015 - February 2016

Work Experience


Buggy boy/ Cashier

  • Organize all Buggies in rows in the Freshco parking lot

  • Scanning all items and placing them into bags

  • Counting and recording all cash by closing

Brampton, Ontario

February 2017 - June 2017

Tim Hortons


  • Employee of the Year

  • Was selected to become general manager

  • Worked in drive through and took orders

Brampton , Ontario

July 2016 - February 2017


Sales Person

  • Had highest rate of selling suits for 2 months

  • Offered a raise by general manager for hard work and effort

Brampton, Ontario

February 2016 - July 2016

Extra- Curricular

Youth Piano Competition

  • Earned a spot in the top 10 youth Piano players

  • Achieving second place in the competition and rewarded with Silver Medal

May 2016 - June 2018

MMA Tournaments

  • Competed in several MMA Tournaments

  • Earned 1st place in the tournament for light weight

  • Advanced to heavier weight for the next tournament

June 2016 - June 2018

House League Soccer Tournament

  • Started from the bottom of the division and went to the finals

  • Won the finals and earned the Gold medal for the division

  • Achieved M.V.D of the team for the Tournament

May 2015 - August 2016

Volunteer Experience

Thistletown Baptist church

technical sound system support,

Youth Service & Support

  • Helped the Youth of the Church and guided them in a positive pathway

  • Prepared technical sound systems for the Choir and Preacher

Etobicoke , Ontario

September 2015 - June 2022

Bramalea Retirement Service

Retirement home service

  • Earned a total of 48 hours within 1 month

  • Walked the elder to their desired destinations ( e.g the mall )

  • Spent time with the Elderly, and discussed about our lives

Brampton, Ontario

July 2018 - August 2018

Brampton Library


  • Made posters to advertise a magic show event

  • Helped clean the back room of the Library by organizing the books

  • Collected the returned books and scanned the books

Brampton, Ontario

November 2018 - December 2018

Thistletown Baptist Church

Church clean up

  • Painted the yellow strips of the whole parking lot

  • Cleaned the entire Men’s washroom

  • Cleaned all Church window’s

  • Swiped the gym in the basement

Etobicoke, Ontario

August 2016

Skills and Abilities

  • Able to work in Retail and adapt to new environments

  • Listening skills

  • Sense of responsibility

  • Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork


  • Athlete of the year award

September 2012

  • Featured on local newspaper for athletic award school event

September 2012

  • Advertised my brochures on the harmful use of Marijuana around my school

September 2012

  • Honor roll achieved in grades 9-11

September 2012


  • National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA)

December 2026

  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)

September 2026

  • CPR Certification

January 2019

Hobbies and Interests

  • Writing

  • Listening to music

  • Lifting

  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Playing soccer


Challenges and Solutions

After all my hard work of studying, I finally achieved my dream job as a pharmacist at the Father Tobin Pharmacy. It’s been 2 weeks of me working as a full time pharmacist, although this was my dream job, not everything turned out as I hoped for.

Working as a pharmacist is something I have enjoyed so far, but there are some downfalls that I encounter on the job. What I’ve noticed during these 2 weeks of working, is that pharmacists are required to stand for a long period throughout the day with minimal breaks. By the end of my shift, my feet feel very numb and start to swell. Many people say that this is a normal feeling, that goes away after a while of working at whatever position, but I’ve thought of different ways to help resolve my problem.Firstly, I decided to go Foot Locker, and buy some comfortable shoes. These comfortable shoes will help support my feet throughout the day and avoid numbness and swelling. Secondly, I bought some specialized cream for my feet from our pharmacy. This is a great advantage for me as a pharmacist, because I know exactly what I need and exactly where to obtain what I need, to help resolve any of my current and future medical problems. Thirdly, I’ve researched ways of “preparing” my feet before my shift starts, and that is by stretching them. Thankfully, I’ve found multiple stretching exercises to help prepare my feet throughout the shift, hopefully with these plans they will significantly improve on my problem.

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Another problem I’ve encountered working here in the Father Tobin Pharmacy are the customers.A few of the customers I tried to help, were disrespectful and rude. Many of them got upset because they usually need a product from our pharmacy which seems to be overpriced from their perspective. Although the rate of rude customers coming in is not frequent, it still is a problem that affects me physically and emotionally, sometimes the vibes the customers bring into the pharmacy rub off on to me and cause me to get angry over small things. Thankfully, I’ve found ways to help cope with these rude customers with the help of the internet. One thing that is suggested to help deal with rude customers is ,“to hold your emotions back”. This is because your emotions should never interfere with the customer and his or her need of your service. Anger can lead into many disastrous pathways, and sometimes put your job/position at risk. Another thing I’ve learned that will help me deal with rude customers at work, is to not take everything they say personally. At the end of the day, the costumers reason for being rude or angry has nothing to do with me as a person, customers may act rude due to different factors that happen to them during their life, that we don’t know of. All I can really do about these situations, is to try and calm the customer down and try to help them.This will most likely resolve the problem, rather than me taking offence to the words or actions they portrayed and start to argue with them. Most importantly, Learning to speak nice and slow with the customer is key.

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The last problem that I have working at the Father Tobin Pharmacy is my schedule. Working throughout the weekdays are fine, but I’ve been assigned to work on weekends from opening till closing. The problem with this is that I don’t have enough time to spend time with my children and my wife at home. Some weekdays when I don’t work, my kids are at school and my wife is at work, causing me to be home alone. Even when my kids come back home, they’re busy with school work, and my wife is busy running earnings and with housework. The way I’m going to try and resolve my problem, is by personally talking with my boss at work and explain my story. Hopefully he will understand where I’m coming from, and why this is so important to me. I will try and compromise with my boss and offer to work on the weekdays that I currently don’t work on, hopefully he can switch my schedule that fits my specific lifestyle.

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