New york view

Crime in Greenwich village By Wuendy Ruiz


Greenwich, filled with mystery, where clues are accidentally left behind. While others think they're not being watched, they are. Being a busy street doesn't stop others from committing crimes. This street is filled with tension and the atmosphere is thick.. where people smell danger. L.B Jeffries, a resident of New York, hangs out looking out his window when he sees and suspects something mysterious going on in the apartment across him. Jeffries thinks something terrible is going on, not being able to move because of an accident that caused his leg to fracture, he receives help from his nurse that cares of him, also a lovely young lady; Lisa Fremont corporates in his mission to have that guy across arrested known as Thorwald. Thorwald is mysteriously suspected of killing his wife by leaving clues behind, Jeffries sits and observes every move he makes and swears of being right while others do not believe him and think of him as crazy. Will the help of Lisa the mission succeeds and they find the suspected guilty of killing his wife. After all the danger it caused Lisa turns out to be the ideal girl for Jefrries.
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tenants and feminist criticism

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Miss.Torso (ballet dancer)


the roll she plays; dancing in bra and underwear shes being used as a sex object for guys who live around her to enjoy also distracting Jeffries from solving the mysterious crime. Throughout the movie we find out shes married and awaits for her husband who appears at the end of the movie as a army commander.