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9Apps Files By Google

Google is a tech giant. The web browser Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. Google also has its play store and it has many apps which are designed specifically for Android phones. Google has developed some of the very useful apps and softwares. These apps and softwares are not only appreciated by people but are also used by people on a large scale.You can easily download this application with the help of 9app store. Not only this 9apps support almost all types of applications download in your smartphone show install this app store and enjoy unlimited excess of software for your mobile.

Storage manager

Files by Google is one such app which is used for the purpose of cleaning the phoneso that there is more space on the phone for other apps and files. In other words files by Google is a storage manager app. The need for storage manager arises because there are many files on a smartphone. These files are in the form of pictures, videos, audio files, files created by apps etc. While using smartphone the storage of the smart phone is eaten up by these files and there is no more space in the smartphone for a new app, picture or video.Please makes the situation of the user of miserable. The user is not even in a situation to use the phone in the manner that the user want to.If the user free up the space in the smartphone then the user can use the smartphone for various other purposes. Files by Google is one such app which help the user in cleaning the phone so that there is more MB in the phone that can be used by the user. Basically the files app by Google clear the clutter in the smartphone. If there is less tractor in the smartphone it also affects the performance of the smartphone in a positive way. The smartphone work better and it don't hang.

Install 9app

Where to download “File apk by google”?

The user can download this app from the play store or 9apps.This app has a very easy interface. On the homepage of the app the user will see a page which will display the storage in phone. The app will tell how much internal storage of the smartphone is being used by which apps. The app will suggest deleting of some files which will clean the phone of the junk and will boost its efficiency. Before deleting a file the user has the option of backup or the user can share the file with Dropbox or Google drive.

Features :

Clean-up master :

Get message for free up space with suggestion for unusual applications and large files or duplicate file present in your mobile.

Search file faster :

With the help of this tool you can search your your file with advanced search filter.

Share file :

With the help of this tool you can transfer your choose file without internet connection you can transfer all files offline to other mobile or device.

Backup in Google Drive :

You can backup all your files in Google drive with the help of your Gmail ID or you can also use other cloud server storage space to backup your file.

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