Skittle Flavoured Water

Water just taste like Skittles. YUM!!

About Skittle Flavoured Water

It Just water with Skittle Flavour taste to make the BORING WATER more like a BIG SKITTLE out of a cup. Have it for parties or just to quench your thirst. The leading drink store said that "Were afraied that we might fall down to 2nd in the world."
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Only 10.95$

Nothing bad with Skittle Flavoured Water

Its 50% Skittle and 25% water and 25% Mango Flavoured Water and its healthy so it's good to for a run with!It's so good and taste like that you try to eat it it's made that good. Because of the mango flavour you still want more and the thing you like more you taste more of that!

Get yours at your nearest store.

Where to find yours

You'll get yours neally any where, at the super market (they have the most like coles or woolworths). The 2nd place to find it is at petrol stations they will have 20 every week so get yours quick. They sell quivkly so you better get them quick before we have no more.