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About Me

My Earliest Memory ...was when I was two running around our very tiny backyard.

I Don't Like ...how some people are overly attached and obsessed with people from a band that they don't even know.

My most Treasured Possession is ... my rabbit as it is my first and the most awesome pet.

My Mother and Father always told me...just try to be the best that you can be

In the movie of my life , I'd be played by... Rihanna, because i am punky and edgy and take chances.

I wish I had... have done tennis when I was younger so that I could have improved.

I wish I hadn't... have broken my arm in year 5 because i couldn't go swimming on our vacation.

My most Humiliating moment was... when I punctured my leg by doing a cartwheel in the bedroom.

I was Happiest when... I was on vacation with my mum, dad and sister on our trip to Hong Kong and Singapore.

My last meal would be... a delicious homemade barbecue.

I'm very bad at... the fact that bullying is happening and sometimes no one even bothers to help.

When I was younger I wanted to be... a zookeeper, astronaut, actress and vet, because I like animals and acting. Also what child has never bought of being an astronaut.

About Me 2

Continued About Me

If I could change one moment in my life it would be... to stop before injuring myself by accident.

It's not Fashionable but I love... Doctor Who, it is amazing. Bowties are cool.

If I could live anywhere, I'd choose... Sentosa Resort in Singapore, it is amazing.

My worst trait is... I can interrupt people but not on purpose.

My Best trait is... being a comedian.

My greatest fear is/are... snakes and spiders, their fangs creep me out.

If only I could... fly, that would be cool.

The hardest thing I had to do was... my math test.

I relax by... watching my favourite you-tubers and their videos.

What I don't find amusing... is racits jokes purposely to hurt people.

I'm always being asked... to put my clothes away.

My Worst Job was... doing the rabbit, then the dishwasher.

I often wonder... how Americans cannot say Australia.

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