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By Tami Gunset

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Monday, November 23 - Friday, November 27

Final Exam Criteria for Fall 2020

Please read and discuss with your child. Click here!


I hope that each and every one of our LCMS families has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and are able to safely surround themselves with family and friends. We are very THANKFUL for our wonderful student body and the support we receive from our parents.

Thanksgiving Break will be Monday, November 23-Friday, November 27.

We have posted your child's three-week progress report to Family Access:

Log in to Family Access

Go to Portfolio

Click on PR 3 Report 2020-21

*We will not be sending PR3 home with students, so please view online!

Please encourage your student to come to school early (7:55am) or stay late (until 4:20pm) with their teachers so they can get some work completed before the end of this NINE-week grading period.

Final Exam criteria is listed above, so please have your student stay on top of grades so they can qualify to exempt their finals and enjoy an early release.


All eighth grade students will be taking the PSAT on the morning of Thursday, November 19 in the cafeteria. They must bring their calculators with them, so please help me remind them to have those with them when they take the PSAT.

Student Artwork that Placed at the South Plains Fair

2020 UIL Results

I am so proud of our students who participated in UIL this year. They did an amazing job! We are grateful for our sponsors as well. It looked a little different this year, but they prepared our students to do well.

Way to go, Pirates!


6th grade:

1st place - Lane Miller

2nd place - Isaac Ortiz

3rd place - London Molina

4th place - Joaquin Esquivel

5th place - Audrey Hammerren-Carter

7th grade:

3rd place tie - Amaris Martinez

6th place - Isabell Ramos

7th place - Samantha Compton

8th place - Destini Alonzo

Calculator Applications

6th grade:

2nd place - Reed Chisholm

3rd place - Hudson Hefner

5th place - Thatcher Neal

6th place - Tyler Hormel

7th grade:

2nd place - Peyton Duncan

5th place - William Hebisen
6th place - Conner Robertson

7th place - Raeley Hickman

8th grade:

2nd place - Kaden Buske

5th place - Holden Hefner

6th place - Logan Galyean

Chess Puzzle

6th grade:

1st place - Kyle Gerwig

6th place - Isaac Esquedo

7th place - Jacoby Martinez

7th grade:

1st place - Ehtan Rea

2nd place - Abby Dallas
5th place tie - Kolbee Strickland

8th grade:

4th place tie - Eli Paden

7th place - Lily Martinez

Dictionary Skills

6th grade:

5th place - Travis Exparza

6th place - Adriel Cervantes

7th grade:

6th place - Bobbie Bleisch

7th place - Ryker King

8th grade:

4th place - Keenan Kattwinkel

Editorial Writing

6th grade:

2nd place - Emerson Caniglia

3rd place - Jacob Burks
4th place - Sloan Walters

8th grade:

6th place - Ben Irlbeck

Impromptu Speaking Finals

6th grade:

2nd place - Madison Goodman

5th place - Joe Perez

6th place - Gabriel Luna

8th grade:

1st place - Cash Truby

4th place - Marissa Marinlarena

Listening Skills

6th grade:

1st place - Cambrie Hill

2nd place - Avery Howard

3rd place - Tatum Masters

5th place. - Gisela Reyes

7th grade:

2nd place - Ryan Bradshaw

3rd place - Ashtyn Hale
4th place - Allison Estrada

6th place - Alexa Estrada

8th place:

6th place - Brecken Summers

7th place - Daelynn Varela-Olivas

Maps, Graphs and Charts

6th grade:

4th place - Ian Urrutia

6th place - Gracie Lewis

7th grade:

4th place - Riannon Castillo

8th grade:

6th place - Holden Hefner

7th place - Kaden Buske

8th place - Jenna Loya


6th grade:

1st palce - Eric Stewart

2nd place - Tyler Hormel

8th place - Camren Colley

7th grade:

2nd place - Hudson Thomason

4th place - Carson Freeman

5th place - Abby Dallas

6th place - Ethan Rea

8th grade:

7th place - Maddie Caswell

Modern Oratory Finals

6th grade:

2nd place - Cameron Wheeler

7th grade:

1st palce - Sawyer Gentry

8th grade:

3rd place - Aubrey White

Music Memory (sixth grade event only)

1st place - Emily Todd

Number Sense

6th grade:

1st place - Reed Chisholm

2nd place - Adriel Cervates

3rd place - Tyler Hitt

5th place. - Thatcher Neal

7th grade:

1st place - Peyton Duncan

3rd place - Carson Freeman

5th place - Connor Robertson

8th grade:

2nd place - Keegan Foley

5th place - Gage Piepkorn
7th place - Jaxon Stanzione

8th place - Maddie Caswell

Oral Reading Final Results

6th grade:

1st place - Avery Hardy

3rd place - Gisela Reyes

7th grade:

7th place - Abigail Morphis

8th grade:

5th place - Aubrey White

Ready Writing

7th grade:

5th place tie - Jordan Smith

7th place - Camila Leon

8th grade:

4th place - Lawsyn Everett

6th place - Aubrey White


8th grade:

4th place - Dennis Vasquez

6th place - Kyler McDowell

7th place - Ethan Beaver

Social Studies

6th grade:

1st place - Ruiz Joel

2nd place - Emerson Caniglia

4th place - Parker Switzer

7th place - Watson Myles

7th grade:

2nd place - Mark Carpenter

3rd place - Abigail Morphis

8th grade:

2nd place - Evie Carrillo

6th place - Ruben Luna

7th place - Ian Alvarado


6th grade:

3rd place - Jacoby Martinez

7th grade:

4th place - Riannon Castillo

8th grade:

2nd place - Stacey Hicks

3rd place - Saul Diaz

5th place - Grace Hext

6th place - Johnnie Young

Next 2 Week Calendar Events

Monday, November 16 - 7th Girls Basketball vs Bush @ Bush (5:30pm/6:30pm)

Monday, November 16 - 8th Girls Basketball vs Bush @ LCHS (5:30pm/6:30pm)

Wednesday, November 18 - Selected 8th grade - Dan Korem Presentation in Library (12pm-4pm)

Thursday, November 19 - Selected 8th grade - Dan Korem Presentation in Library (12pm-4pm)

Thursday, November 19 - 7th Boys Basketball vs Bush @ LCHS Gym (5:30pm/6:30pm)

Thursday, November 19 - 8th Boys Basketball vs Bush @ LCHS (5:30pm/6:30pm)

Thursday, November 19 - School Board Meeting @ Central Office (7pm)

Friday, November 20 - iPod, Hat and Holey Jeans day ($1.00 for each item)

Monday, November 23-Friday, November 27 - Thanksgiving Break

2020-21 LCMS Basketball Schedule

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Melissa Atencio
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To report an absence, please contact

Melissa Atencio
Attendance Clerk
806-863-7104 ext. 4014

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