Breivik Trial Details

Terrorist sues gov't for improper treatment in prison


S - Breivik Trial

O - Breivik sues the Norwegian government for improper treatment

A - Norwegian government

P - Inform

S - Anders Breivik sues Norwegian government for inhumane prison treatment. Trial to be announced.

Tone - Unjustified


Humane - showing compassion

Isolation - by yourself

Massacre - a large killing

PlayStation - the best gaming console paradigm in the history of gaming

Verdict - descision

WOW Statement

Anders Breivik was a mass murderer convicted of terrorism in the Norwegian prison system. He is complaining about his prison home due to alleged "inhumane treatment". The government is countering his allegations in a trial on March 15.

I personally don't understand how a person living in isolation with a PlayStation could complain about their life even if they had massacred hundreds of people. I'd be happy, honestly.