Salems Lot

A book that will have you turning the page after page

The author of Salem's Lot is Stephen King. The book was interesting and multiple literary elements were being used. It kept me turning pages after pages because it was very thrilling. The story all takes place in the town of Jerusalem's Lot, in Maine. That is where all of the vampires migrate go to because the town is basically a ghost town and not a lot of people live in it. The main protagonist Ben Mears who is a writer moves into the same small town in Maine where all of the vampires are now. He also used to live in Salem's Lot also when he was a kid and now he wanted to go back to his home town to write a book on it and show the people what his old town is like now. What Ben Sears doesn't know at first is that almost everybody in the town living there aren't really all living, all of them are really dead but are vampires who feed off of the innocent people in the town who are actually living.

The Twist

When Ben first goes back to his hometown he asks if he can rent the Marsten House, as a kid he had always had seen ghost of the man that had died inside of the house when he had hanged himself. When he eventually does get there he meets a women named Susan and they instantly connect like they were meant for one another and they begin to date. Ben then finds out that the Marstens House had already been sold so he moves into another home with Susan. A man named Richard Straker had offered to buy the house with his business partner Barlow. Both of them had offered to buy the house and the old Laundromat to and they do buy both. After a while weird things begin to happen in the house. Then two boys who are brothers walk into the forest to their friend Mark Petrie's house and one of the boys go missing. Everyone in the town goes searching for the boy but they couldn't find him so they had just assumed that he was dead but then his brother Danny gets sick out of nowhere and then dies quickly. What no one knows is that Barlow is a vampire and had bitten Danny and turned him into a vampire now. Now Danny knows that Barlow goes out in the town and feeds on innocent people, killing them and making them turn into vampires also.
Throughout the novel more of all the innocent people in the town start turning into vampires all because of Kurt Barlow and what he started. As these people go missing because they're dead there's actually no physical evidence that they are dead because of how they are being killed. Pretty soon Barlow has his own clan of vampires that will go out killing more innocent people in the town.

Finishing Plot

While Barlow is still terrorizing the town he is now going after people that Ben is very close to as far as Father Callahan and the love of his life, Susan Norton. Ben is now forced to make the biggest decision of his life and that is killing Susan before she tries to bite him and turn him into a vampire. Ben kills Susan by driving a stake through her heart. Ben meets a new friend named Matt but then he dies from a heart attack, he had been working at a school. Barlow also takes the life of Matt's friends named Jimmy Cody. Barlow kills Jimmy but biting him of course and leaving his mark on him. Now it's just down to Ben and his new friend Mark who had tried killing Barlow once but didn't work out and that's how Susan died. This time the two drove a stake through Barlows body and as they are leaving the town Ben drops his cigarette and lights the whole grass on fire causing the little town to burn down and kill all of the other vampires.