Persuasive Smore

Should females be allowed to play on boys' sports teams?


Right now, in Iraq there are American troops who are risking their lives for their country. In those lines of troops, men and women stand side by side, fighting and dying for this country. While this is going on, at home there are women who are unable to stand side by side with men and play a sport. This is unjust: women being allowed to die for their country side by side with men, but unable to play side by side with men in sports events. Having equal rights in selective places isn’t enough: everyone is supposed to have equal rights everywhere, so girls should be allowed to play on boy’s sports teams.

5 Reasons why females should be allowed to play on men sports teams!

1.Females have rights

  • Girls want equality. If females want to play on a boys team let them. If they want to be competitive with men let them. Females want to have equal rights with the men. Females can be as strong and competitive as men. Females can play football and baseball but men think we are fragile and cant do things that men can do. I grow up with older brothers and they have taught me a lot about football and wrestling.

2. Some girls are capable of doing things men can do.

Not every female is the same, not every boy are the same. Girls are capable of doing things that men cant do, and men can do things females cant do. But we all can do things. Females can do things men can do and men can do things females can do. Think about this females don't judge men when they want to try out for cheer leading. So why are they saying females can't play football?!

3. Their strength

Girls ave the same amount of muscle strength as boys do! Some girls have more strength than some boys. If a girl feels as the league their playing isn't as competitive as they want it, let them play a more competitive league, like football.

4. Let them do what they put their mind to!

They should be allowed to what they love to do. It might bring their skills brought up and grow, but if they don't have anyone to be competitive with then how will that happen?? Boys can be very competitive that is why some girls want to go up against them.That's why some girls want to play on their sports teams.

5.It boost their self confidence and release pressure!

Girls who play sports boost their confidence because it keeps them in shape and healthy and it makes new friends. It releases pressure because it makes you feel a little happier. How? The brain releases during exercise improves a person's mood.