President Wilson’s 14 Points

Sami Armellino

Freedom of the seas.

  • His second point was defiantly a success
  • Absolute freedom of navigation upon the seas
  • Freedom during peace or war
  • Civilians are able to travel without be scared
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The removal of tariffs and other economic barriers between nations.

  • Wilsons third point was a success
  • All economic barriers should be removed
  • Free trade should be allowed among peaceful countries.
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German evacuation of Russian territory.

  • Wilsons sixth point was unsuccessful
  • Must be given a chance to prove good behavior and good will as a free nation.
  • Called for Russia's independent development and international withdrawal from occupied Russian territory
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Formation of the League of Nations to maintain

Wilsons 14th point was very unsuccessful

Collective security

Dictators and rulers, and citizens are tied down without much freedom

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