How We See Them.

Let's look at how China sees them.

The Chinese dragon is a well known dragon. They have many animal-like forms from turtles to fish. But these creatures are most commonly depicted as snake-like, with four legs. The dragon is partnered with the Chinese Pheonix in the yin and yang symbol. The Pheonix is yin and the dragon is yang.

To the Chinese, the dragon symbolizes strength and good luck. As you may know, most dragons have special abilities or powers. The Chinese dragon normally has the powers of water, such as rainfall, floods, and hurricane. This is why Chinese emperors used it as a symbol to their power. In the Chinese daily language, outstanding and excellent people are sometimes compared to dragons. As for others, they are sometimes, hilariously so, compared to worms.

The Chinese also use dragons in proverbs and idioms. For example: Hoping ones son will become a dragon. I'm not really sure what that means, but it sounds interesting.

These pictures were drawn by me, so they pretty much show how I see them.

The first one is my Chinese dragon and was very hard to make. The second one was easier. It only took me 30 minutes to make. It probably took less time because I usually draw them like that.