What's Happening in Room 204

December News

Kindness Project

The Community of Caring along with the Student Ambassadors taught us a lesson on kindness. We learned that even small acts of kindness can make a HUGE difference. We teamed up with Ms. Psarakis' PM Kindergarten class to complete a secret kindness mission! We created cards for people here at Milltown that we appreciate and hand delivered them.
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Nory Ryan's Song - Courage

Our class just started reading the novel, Nory Ryan's Song. We're using all of our comprehension skills to help analyze and interpret the text. We brainstormed what courage meant to us and created cool Wordles to display our ideas. We plan on doing this project again at the end of the book to see how our view on courage has changed.
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Stuck in a Snow Globe!

We applied our creative descriptive writing skills to show our feelings instead of tell them about being stuck in a snow globe. Then the students constructed their very on snow globes! Our next unit of writing is creative writing and we are working on writing character sketches. We are identifying characters' inside and outside traits to add details to our stories.

Math - Decimals

We just finished our math unit on fractions. We will start our next math unit on decimals when we come back from winter break in January. Keep practicing math facts at home and play games over winter break!
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Ellis Island Update

We are well into our unit on immigration in social studies. We have completely transformed our fourth grade hallway and our room is the Medical Exam room. We are now focusing on why immigrants came to America from different countries. This ties nicely into our core novel, Nory Ryan's Song!