cookie cutter shark by: mark collins


Common name: Cookie cutter shark
Scientific name: Isistius brasiliensis
Family: Dalatidae

physical Appearance

1. A small cigar-shaped body with a brown color.
2. A short conical snout and unique suctorial lips.
3. Eyes are toards the front of the head.
4. Two close set dorsal fin of equal size at the back of the body.
5. No anal fin

Details of the cookies cutter shark

size: male 42cm
size: female 56cm
They give live birth
Life span: unknown

Feeding habits

Their prey is attracted to the shark by its glowing light. When the prey comes in to bite the shark, the fish is unexpectedly bitten by the shark. It latches on to its prey and with its razor sharp teeth it spins and cuts a "cookie shaped hole in its prey.


They are found in deep water at depths below 3,281ft (100m), during time hours. During the night cookie cutter sharks migrate vertically to the surface of the water to feed.

Global distribution

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There are reports of this shark leaving crater marks on the sonar drones of nuclear submarines


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