Powertec Power Rack- Best Price?

Squat Rack Also Called a Power Rack Can Be Very Useful

Powertec Power Rack

Powertec Power Rack

Last week I decided to buy the Powertec Power Rack online. So I figured in order to get the best price I will have to buy it online.

After some basic internet searching I found what I thought was the best price. I ended up buying the Powertec Power Rack from one of the big box stores websites. About a month later while shopping for a few things on Amazon.com I noticed a WAY Better Price!

See the price
. So I called the place to see If i could return my power rack and since it was outside of 30 days I couldn't. Ugh. So if your shopping for one of these I highly suggest checking out Amazon first just to make sure your getting the best Price...Good luck and enjoy!!!

Powertec Power Rack
- Do you find fitness machines that restrict movements during workouts boring? Could it be more fun if you were able to do workouts that involve lifting heavy weights safely without a spotter around? If we are on the same page, then the squat rack will just blow your mind. Simple as it may look, the machine is designed for maximum performance when it comes to muscle building.

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Unlike other machines its type. It allows freedom of movements during workouts and at the same time ensuring safety. To get the right picture, let us first understand what squat rack also called a power rack actually is.


It is simply a weight training fitness machine. What makes it better than other machines its type is that it doesn't restrict movement during workouts. Most of the machines designed for do it yourself exercises such as smith machine always put safety at the forefront. The problem comes in when they can't find the best way to address the issue and end up making such machines boring for example by restricting movements during workouts.

This is where the squat rack is able to beat other machines its type in the market. Squat rack has 4 posts with two horizontal bar catchers which are movable. It also comes with adjustable pins enabling you to chose the height suitable for you. For safety purposes, it comes with catchers to prevent and restrict weight movement beyond a certain point. Squat rack machines are among the best home gyms worth spending on. To appreciate what it can do, let us look at some of the reasons you are advised to go for it.

  • Range of motion - power rack allows you to adjust the safety catchers to the height you want. Due to this your movement is not limited hence you can train any part of your body with ease.

  • Ability to do all sorts of exercises - Compared to other fitness machines, the squat rack provides room for a variety of exercises. You won't need to spend on other machines to be able to give your body all the exercises it needs.

  • Guaranteed safety - With a power rack, you can try other challenging workouts without a trainer around for your safety. You can add slightly heavy weights or try to push beyond your limit and be sure that chances of barbells pinning you down is brought down to zero. So you can reluctantly do your workouts without fear of accidents.

Apart from safety, Squat rack also provides room for a variety of whole body workouts. Examples are, lunges, dead-lift, squat, both standing and sitting overhead press and more. Some people feel that the squat rack is limited when it comes to a number of workouts. This is because they aren't aware of the best ways to use the machine. Below are some of the most important weight lifting exercises you can do with a squat rack.

a) Lunges - This is one of the exercise meant for leg toning. To achieve this using a squat rack, you need to use the strength of your legs to lift the loaded bar placed on the rack below the shoulder level. Lift the bar off the rack using your shoulder and hands.

b) Standing and sitting overhead press - Here you use the power of both our shoulders, arms and chest to lift the loaded bar from the rack either when standing or sitting. You have to place the loaded bar along the collarbones for ease and safety during the lifting. Lift the bar above your head repetitively, but ensure the distance between your two hands holding the bar is wider than the width of your shoulders

c) Dead-lift - Here you have to bend at 90 degrees. Ensure that your head looks forward and your spinal cord curved in a little bit. Pick the loaded bar from the floor, lift it and as it passes the knee lean back by pushing your hips forward, pull your shoulder blades together and then put the weight back on the floor. Do several reps and you'll just be done.

d) Bent over row - Your body should be bent slightly above 90 degrees. Your back should be straight or slightly curved in to avoid spinal cord complications. Lift the loaded weight from the floor towards your chest several times but maintain the bent position. Do some reps until you are tired to ensure the effect takes place. This workout is meant to tone your back and shoulder muscles.

There is more than one type of squat rack in the market designed to address different customer preferences. What others like might not be appealing to you. So the best way to ensure that you get the right squat rack is to make your purchase on most reliable sites like amazon, why? Because by making a purchase at amazon you will never regret. A larger population around the world goes for amazon since it proves reliable. Below are some of the privileges you have access to when dealing with amazon.


i) Unrestricted shopping time - When dealing with amazon you don't have to worry of time to purchase the product. You can purchase at any time, unlike local shops which are sometimes closed earlier and opened at late hours.

ii) Ability to create a wish list - If you don't have the money, just create a wish list. You can put the items you are planning to purchase in your wish list and make the purchase later. Meanwhile, you can spend some time going through a variety of squat rack machines, comparing specs and making conclusions. Amazon gives you time to find the right product and valuable information about the product.

iii) You don't have to risk your credit card - If you fear exposing important information on your credit card you can still purchase your squat rack using PayPal. Amazon is among the fewest sites that offer this option.

iv) Access to genuine customer reviews and ratings - Unlike other sites amazon provides both negative and positive feedback on the product you are planning to buy. This ensures that you don't make the wrong choice and live to regret it later.

v) Availability of both new and used products - If you can't afford a new squat rack, You can find the used squat rack machine which might be cheaper but still good as new.

When it comes to setting up a home gym, safety and space are among the critical factors you must consider, why? Because it is not a guarantee that trainers will always be there with you plus there are some things you might want to do in private to avoid embarrassment.

The Powertec Power Rack is quite useful in such situations. Squat racks differ in prices, designs and performance. To be able to Find the squat machine you prefer, you need to do research. You also need to have all the information about it both the negatives and the positives. No other site offers that privilege more than amazon.com. Purchase power machine at amazon and make your dream of keeping fit come true.
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