Late Infancy

7-12 Months

Health Factors

- Hazardous Period, because with walking they are tripping over things, they have bad balance, they are grabbing things and pulling them down on themselves, and touching hot things.
-Expressing fear, anger, and disgust, which causes attitude, whining, and crying, which means they are uncomfortable.
-High Fever usually occurs often during this time, because their immune system is weak, and still developing.

Supportive Agencies

- Cooks Children Hospital
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Teqniques to Reduce Stress

-Sensory Swing
-Essential Oils like lavender rubbed on bottom of feet, back of neck, and also on inside of wrists for calming.
-Attention from parents will reduce stress to a child, because they won't be having to go out of their way to get the attention from them.

Health and Wellness

-Walking, they are starting to show some independence.
-Brain Growth
-Saying single words, and cooing, which is good, because then we can figure out what they are in need of, and what they want.
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