A Christmas Carol

read A Christmas Carol these holidays!!

I think you should read the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens because it is very suspenseful, entertaining, and tells you the true meaning of Christmas through the main character Scrooge. At the beginning the main character Scrooge is a very... well let's just say he is a crabby, and grumpy guy that no one really likes. I like this part because you wonder if he will ever care about his surroundings and other people. Next, three ghosts came to see him, one was the ghost of Christmas past, the other one was present and, the last one was future. Each of these ghosts either showed him his Christmases in his past, this Christmas (present), and the future. All these ghosts changed him on the way he acts.Lastly, you will want to read this because it's cool to see how Scrooge turns out in the end. He changed a lot in one night. It's also very funny to see how the people react to the new Scrooge. In conclusion you should read this book because it's entertaining, and gets you very engaged in the book and you don't know what's going to happen next. Also this gives you the idea on what holidays were like back then.

A Christmas Carol Sacrifice

In the book A Christmas Carol the main character Scrooge had to sacrifice things in his life. Scrooge sacrificed a lot of things but I think the biggest one is when he sacrificed his old life for a new one to be a better person. I made a sacrifice once it was when I played two sports soccer, and baseball. The practices and games were always at the same time. I didn't think that was very fair to my team so I decided to quit baseball.