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How grit affects your everyday life!

Describing and Comparing Grit

Describing grit, well that is a handful of a task. What does grit mean to you? What does grit stand for? So what is grit? Well I think that grit is something that we all have inside us, something that we use when we have passion for something that will take time, and we would do anything to achieve that long term goal. For instance, according to dictionary.com, there characteristics are “firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck”. While, Angela Duckworth, American Psychologist who won the 2013 MacArthur Fellowship, says that grit consists of “perseverance and passion for long term goals.” So with all this being said what really is grit then? Is it something that is deep down inside us, or firmness of character, or passion for long term goals. Well I think that grit actually is a little bit of each. I think that my thoughts, dictionary.com, and Angela Duckworth all are alike but differ all in the same ways. I think that in order to be able to have firmness of character, you got to have something deep down inside you striving to be firm, and not letting the character you have break. As well as in order to be able to be passionate for the long, tough road ahead you have to have that deepness inside of you to achieve that goal. However, how do achieve that grit deep inside of you if you have never experienced long term goals without grit. Both, however need to be experienced to understand one another. In order to understand what grit means to you, you must experience grit yourself. In contrast, you need to be able to come over adversity, and to persevere to understand the realm of grit, That's the thing about grit, it is hard to see the difference between grit, but the difference is always there.

Problem and Solution of Grit

A problem is when there is a sense of uncertainty, a question that involves doubt or difficulty. A question that craves an answer. So what do you do when that answer is not easily achievable. Do you ask a friend, maybe even a member of your family, or even someone at work. Maybe, you just are complacent with the way things are and just give up. But if you really want to solve a problem, you are going to go into your grit reserve and solve the problem yourself. If your problem is that your sink has a leak that will not stop, you will not call for a plumber, you will get out your tools and fix that leak yourself, You know why you were able to solve that, because you had grit. The main difficulty though is realizing when your problem really needs a solution. In the Indian Folktale, The Sandy Road, the problem is that the merchant group had to yield because they ran out of all food and water. Since, one of the merchants saw this as a big problem in the middle of the desert, he had resolve and walked by himself until he found grass, from there the merchant dug down until he found a well of water and was able to get his group and make them not idle anymore and got them to safety.They triumphed! The dilemma was that the group did not have any supplies, and the solution was that the merchant took it into his own hands and saved the group from harm. Without the grit that the merchant felt during that moment, he would have never have been able to save the group he was traveling with. If, the merchant did not get up and use his grit, then the group never would have been able to survive and reach their destination.

How to use grit-Sequence

  1. First, recognize the question or problem that you are facing

  2. Second, realize if the problem or question is hard or troubling

  3. Third, see if you that problem is not easily achievable

  4. Fourth, look down inside of you and see how passionate you are about this problem

  5. Fifth, if you really are passionate about it, do everything you can to solve the problem and be resilient

How does grit have effects in everyday life

Causes make something happen, and an effect is the aftermath of the cause. So when you are feeling down, are you going to wait for someone to cause you to do something. Or are you going to cause yourself to do something? So say you are doing homework and you have five tests tomorrow, what causes you to feel overwhelmed? In the story about Eleanor Roosevelt her noble husband Franklin was a very important politician. Franklin was diagnosed with polio which caused his advisers to rethink his running for presidency. Franklin continued, even though he could not walk, for his presidency. All caused by Eleanor’s eloquent forcefulness, inspiration, and conviction that Franklin can do it.Eleanor adhered by Franklin's' side. If Eleanor did not have the urge to cause Franklin to keep fighting he never would have been affected by it. He would have given up. Sometimes though you need to feel the grit and passion of to cause your own body to start feeling the grit and to persevere yourself. If the cause is grit, what does that effect. It affects the way you act, the way you think, and the way you talk. It causes you to be different, to desire the passion for the long term goal. It gives you ambition, that long term desire. The impact is not always visible because the result is not always physical.