Post-Secondary Education

by. Nathan Romanic

Associates Degree

To earn a Associates Degree you have two choices for a type of Collage a Community Collage, or a Junior Collage. For this type of degree it requires you to, attend school full-time with 60 hours of course work. This particular degree costs $8,000. This degree offers some jobs such as an Architectural Drafter and Bio medical Technician.

Bachelor's Degree

Another type of degree is a, Bachelor's Degree for this degree there is only one Collage type you can choose, a standard four year collage. This degree takes four years to earn, along with 120 hours of classwork. A Bachelor's Degree costs $21,000 to earn. This degree allows you to qualify for jobs such as Chemical Engineer and a Nuclear Engineer.

Master's Degree

The second highest degree you can earn is called a Master's Degree that you can only earn from a Public or Private University. Earning this degree involves 60 hours of class work and about 2 years of schooling. This degree will cost a person $24,000. The Master's Degree allows you to have jobs such as an Art Therapist or Athletic Trainer.

Doctorate Degree

Last but not least, the Doctorate Degree. This degree just like a Master's Degree you can only earn at a Public or Private University. The Doctorate's Degree Requires 3 years of schooling, along with 64 credit hours. This type of degree is the highest of them all, costing around $10,725-$22,607. Some jobs this degree allows you to qualify for is a Lawyer or Teacher.`