Harvey Walden Presents

Fighting Fit - Fighting Fat

Fight the flab (military style) with Gunner Sergeant Harvey Walden IV.

Gunner Sergeant Harvey Walden IV - The fitness guru to the celebrities and now you. Set out in three sections, Harvey takes you through 'The Walden Warm-Up', then his 45 minute main workout - which includes marching, skipping, boxing, lunges, star jumps, box press and jogging - and finishes with a 6 minute company cool-down. Attention!
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You Will Work - You Will Sweat - You WILL Lose That FAT!!!

Gunner Seargeant Harvey takes no prisoners - He tells you how to do it... and YOU do it!
This is a fabulous work-out you can easily do in your front room. Just start off with the Harvey warm up, followed by the beginners circuit. Unlikely you will find that too easy, but if and when you do, there are two more levels to make you fitter than a Paratroopers Dog!