Black Footed Ferrets

Help Us Save The Black Footed Ferrtes! by Sophie


The black footed ferrets are going extinct. Extinct means, an entire species, or type of animal dies out, that species is extinct. Extinct pretty much means there are no more of a type of animal on the whole earth. The black footed ferret is about to go extinct. They say there are about 300 of them left. So lets try to save these cuddly little creatures! One way to do this is to pass a law so that they can not be hunted. The reason they are going extinct is because people hunt them and use their fur for coats. Lets put a stop to this madness and save the black footed ferrets!!!

Behavior And Diet

Their Diet

Black footed ferrets are carnivores. They eat prairie dogs. Prairie dogs look a lot like ground hogs. I would have never thought they ate prairie dogs, I expected them to be herbivores. Normal ferrets used as house pets eat grains, but this ferret is very different.

Black Footed Ferrets Behavior

Black footed ferrets can be very mad or very happy. Black footed ferrets are vicious creatures when they want to be. They are very easily angered. When they are happy they roll around with their buddies, groom each other, sleep and eat. When they are angry or upset they become vicious. They start hurting each other and fighting. They are also this way when stressed, so if you see one and they see you they will most likely charge you. Don't hurt them when they charge or when they get near you because it will only make their behavior worse. Just leave the poor creature alone!