crazy run

crazy run

this event will be crazy. there will be a blue team and a red team. at this event you will try to get to the base. once everyone gets to the base that team wins. But the best part is is that once you get to the base you will be able to shoot people with water guns to distract them while your team members get by to the base. this run isn't just to have fun it's to also to raise money for the sick children and adults in the hospital.

Tuesday, May 31st, 12-4pm

Pikesville, MD, United States

Pikesville, MD

12-12:25 Gather under the tent at the entrance to sign up

12:30- 12-40 get your team

12:45- 12:50 go to fields

1:00- 3:45 game

3:45- 4:00 snacks