The PLEF Post

November/December 2014

Some Important Information

  • Please have students complete the tablet help desk ticket. It is important that we have accurate records of any tablet issues we are experiencing.
  • Tuesday is Erin Schillie's last day with us. Please stop in the media center to wish her well.
  • Erin's absence will also mean a change in the way we do things. If you send a student to the media center Ms. McConoughey may be teaching a class and cannot stop to handle tablet issues. I may be at my other school or in a classroom, and Mr. Whitfield could be occupied. Therefore, please let us come to you. It may take longer this way, but we ask for your patience. Try pairing students together, providing paper copies or an alternative assignment if a student's tablet is waiting to be fixed. If class ends and no one has come to retrieve the tablet yet, please keep it in your classroom, as you will be the teacher of record in the tablet help desk ticket. We will not know the student's next class.
  • I am now back on a regular schedule and will be at Northern every Tuesday and Thursday, and the second Friday of the month. Please invite me to plan with you, teach with you, or even model lessons for you. My job is instructional and I am here to support you however I can. If you just want me to come view your lesson, I would love to do that, as well.

App of the Month: Trading Cards

Turn learning into the latest trend. Students can create a trading card for an event, person, literary character, an object, a place, etc. Student can design their cards and then trade them with other students in the class, turning each card into a study tool. This app is available for teacher and student download in the Amplify Market.

Rewordify is a free website that allows you to copy and paste the contents of a document, website, news story, literary work, etc. and adjust the difficulty of the reading level, making the text easier to understand. Students can view the original text next to the modified version, so that they can see how the text has changed. Teachers can choose to have cloze passages, word banks, or quizzes generated, based on the vocabulary in the text. Teachers can also view the statistics of that passage (word count, sentence length, amount of sentences). Shakespeare becomes ShakesCLEAR with Rewordify. Click on the title above to go directly to this website.

This Month's Cheat Sheet

If you desire more App options, the PLEFs are making an App Cheat Sheet each month that will highlight options that may enhance instruction in your content area. Double-click on the picture to view it in a larger format.

Keep Your Apps Updated

It is important to make sure that your teacher tablet and your students' tablets have the latest version of each App. How do you know when an App has an update? Check the Amplify Market (App circled in picture) to see which Apps can be updated. Follow the instructions below...

Contact Me

Amy Morris

Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator (PLEF)

I am at Northern Middle School every Tuesday and Thursday and the second Friday of every month.