Last Man C.T.F.

Arman Yalinezhaad

My heart felt like it was doing jumping jacks as adrenaline coursed through my veins. I was running running alongside the obstacles, dodging the paintballs as they flew past me . everything was in slow motion until i got I got to the enemy side. I crept to their tower and got their guard out of the match, I grabbed their flag and RAN! I found a barrier and hid behind it.

I heard one of the enemy say to flank on both sides, I peeked around the corner, and as soon as I did i wished my teamates didn't get out. Their was 2 on the left and 3 on the right, I was scared . I threw my last paint grenade at the 3 players on the right and got one person out. " Maybe i'll win this." I thought to myself. I blind fired at the 2 players on the left and they shot back at me.

I checked on the two remaining players on the right and saw that they were less than five feet away, I saw a wall that was connecting me to a shed that was roughly 10 ft. away where I could take cover at and use to put distance in between me and the enemies. I crawled to it. As soon as I was safe at the shed I looked ahead of me and saw my base, now it was just a matter of not getting out and getting the flag to my base. I gathered the rest of my strength, then ran towards my base and shot behind me at the same time, i heard a girl behind me scream, i guessed that i had shot her. I turned around to face my base and saw that it was less than 5ft away, I slid into it like a baseball player and scored, we won!

My team ran onto the field and congratulated me and said how good I did. My parents were shocked of how good I did. Afterwards we ate pizza and drank soda. After that we did our firing squad on the enemy and were payed the $100.00 from the match win. After we laughed at the screams of our opponents as we had firing squad them, we watched the match recording and I got to see for the first time how awesome I was throughout the match! I did awesome and I felt really proud of myself!

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