Our Colony of Virginia

Come for a better life !

Our Brief History:

We was found by a group of members in the Virginia Company and became the first permanent settlement of Britain. Although there's a lot of conflict with the Native Americans. We found tobacco as our main , profitable source of export.

Our Important Events until 1950

1607- The first English permanent settlement

1612- The first crop of tobacco exported

1619- Virginia have the first representative legislature: House of Burgesses

1624- King James made Virginia a royal colony

1676- Bacon's Rebellion

1747- Williamsburg capital destroyed

Why Settle with Us ?

.We have a humid, hot climate that can help growing crops such as tobacco, wheat throughout the year which is perfect for plantation

.There's no dominating religion in our colony

.Virginia is governed as the Royal Colony

.We trade agriculture things :tobacco, cotton, wheat,... which make a profitable amount.

Why We are Unique:

.Because of John Rolfe introducing tobacco helping us saving Virginia's economy from collapsing, we became the strongest tobacco producer.

.We have House of Burgesses which makes us the first colony to have a representative legislature.