Hockey Should be the Roughest Sport

By Jonathon Perry (current hockey player.)


Some people may think that hockey is not that rough. Wrong hockey is super rough. If you really think that then watch a hockey game. You might think that football is the most rough sport. Well, have football players ever got cut in the neck by a skate. This is why I will try to change your opinion about how rough hockey is.

How Rough Is Hockey?

How Rough Is Hockey?

Hockey is really rough and tough. You get checked into the boards, hit with the stick in the gut and in the face, you can get cut in the neck by a hockey skate, and you can break your neck. Hockey is a lot more rough than football because in football you don’t get your eye taken out by a stick. Hockey players have to watch every where on the rink because they don’t want to be hit from behind, which is a penalty. You have so many injuries that sometimes you can’t play.

Is Hockey More Rough Than Football?

Hockey can be more rough than football in many ways. Football and hockey are both really tough but hockey can be a lot rougher. Football may have more contact but hockey can kill you. Football players get hit from the front and hockey players get hit from all angles. Hockey players get in a lot of fights and are allowed and football players aren't. Hockey players have to watch more closely because they get checked into boards. Hockey players get hit with sticks and football players don’t have those to hit people with.


Hockey is more rough because they have a lot of reasons to get into fights and football does not. It is more rough because football players have more open area to run and play, but hockey has boards which you can get checked into. That is why I think that hockey is the most rough sport.