The Hungry Hound

Code of Ethics

Statement of Ethics

Handling Cash and Checks

All cash and checks will be held in the cash register or safe at all times.

Access to Safe

Only the supervisor should have access to the safe. There must be supervisor present while moving cash to cash register and vis versa.

Personnel Behind Counter

Only those who work for the school store should be behind the counter. An exception can be made for teachers and supervisors.

Upkeep of Store

Every shift must complete cleaning duties to ensure cleanliness of store.

Respect Customers at ALL Times

The customers is always right. They will always be shown the utmost respect.

Handling Employee Disputes

The supervisor will provide an environment for disputes to be discussed. Disputes will be handled in a business professional manner.

Handling of Products

Products will not be touched unless it is in the process of being bought or being put on display. Otherwise it will stay in it's display. This will prevent stolen goods, and make sure refrigerated items are at proper temperature.

Employee Discount

The supervisor may set an employee discount according to school policy. Note that this may mean there is no employee discount.

Customer Hostility

If a customer becomes verbally hostile, they will be directly referred to the supervisor. If a customer becomes physically hostile, you may back away from the situation. Do not engage in a physical altercation.

Preparing Product

All products will be prepared according to product direction. They must be prepared safely as to not be a safety hazard to the customer.