American Sniper- Chris Kyle

Ryland Yates Block 3


Chris Kyle- Texas raised independant strong working Navy seal/Seal sniper, never giving up, raised right, and an all around perfect seal, loves guns, protaginist.

Drill sergeant- Very demanding Supporting character, loud and clear instructions Very demanding and gets the point across that you are good or bad.

Taya-Chris's wife, Loving caring wife, supporting, mom protaginist trust worther adm loyal to wait for Chris to come home.


The theme of this outstanding book is to keep moving in life and no matter how hard it gets you keep moving and never give up, as Chris did to become a SEAL and a Sniper, long training and long evolutions, but in the end it is all worth it, you are born to be a SEAL or you are not... Basically in general (Hard work pays off)


Chris grew up in a small family living in small towns near Granbury, as he got older he moved more to other parts of Texas, after graduating as a SEAL Chris deploys to Iraq and iran, these settings impact Chris by putting him in combat and being able to think fast and think proactively.

conflict and plot

the conflict of this book is man vs. self because you have to push yourself to the limit to become a SEAL and you have to have faith in yourself to finish training...

Plot of exposition- is Introducing Chris Kyle and doing the story line of his childhood and teenage life from the view of Chris, Grew up in a small town, loved guns as a kid, teenager life, worked on a Ranch for David Landrum, after that he did rodeo and hurt himself and was to hurt to start again, since that happened he went to the Navy to become a SEAL, after graduation he met a girl named Taya, his future wife, after bonding and talking they get married, but Chris has to get deployed to Iraq...

Rising Action- Chris is deployed for his first time in Iraq, in combat Taya gets worried and has long nights of crying and calling Chris constantly, after helicopter crash on news about 5 SEALS died in a crash Taya goes just about crazy but Chris was not the people in the crash...after longer months of waiting for Chris to come home the tension grows..but Chris comes home but they start a family and after the baby is born Chris has to be deployed right after the baby is born...Taya is REALLY worried now, she is scared that he will die and he will not to raise the baby with her, but deep in her heart she has faith in him...Chris becomes a sniper and does a mission with a British special forces squad.

Climax- Chris does sniper training and is woken up and told to get his Sniper rifle and gear he is going to Fallujah... the marines were ready to push forward and they needed snipers to support them...they were going to kill massive amounts of bad guys and Chris was going to be right in the middle of it...The iraqis had set massive amounts of land mines and ied's... but the marines came prepared!!chris told taya he was going somewhere he couldnt say and he didnt know how long he would be able to talk to her again... After deployment and in Fallujah for the battle Chris squeezed into a marine amtrac with a dozen marines and few SEAL's the armored vehicle rumbled to life.. finally in position on an apartment, he starts getting kills.. he killed 3. after moving up they moved up and watched a house very closely the house had about a dozen guys with machine guns and sniper rifles,along with homemade rocket stands,and a mortar base .

Chris was shot in his legs from an RPG, later he had to get surgery on them...

falling action- Chris got surgery and finished the mission and talked to Taya, he informed her he had been shot in his legs and got surgery, Taya is concerned at first but then she understands,he is done with his combat until the next time they deploy him so he has time to raise his kid and spend time with Taya...


when Chris says in the book "drill Sargent was strong, not just in shape but he was mentally and physically strong... In the mind and body.

book recomendation

i very much enjoyed this book. First of all i love military, books, movies, etc... Also i love action packed books and this had exactly what i wanted in a book. And this book was written in 1st person view from the person that experienced all of this to! I felt a special connection to this book just by reading the first page. It just felt like a great book.

I recommend this book to people that is up for a long but action packed book...

extra credit

this picture is of Chris Kyle holding his book.
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