The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ally O'Connor


The text structure the author uses defines the character of Walter Mitty as....

Claim 1

First, Walter Mitty is a victim in this story. His wife bosses him around and always nags him about everything he does. Also the garageman treats him like a child by telling Mitty that he would take his car for him as if he can not do it himself.
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Claim 2

Second, everyone thinks Walter is unusual. People who run into him on the street say that about him. The parking lot attendant made him leave the car because the parking lot attendant did not believe that Mitty could do it for himself. Another one was when Mitty was saying things to himself and a lady made fun of him for it.
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Claim 3

Lastly, others around Mitty make fun of him because he doesn't do things like everyone else. The garageman laughed at him because Walter Mitty couldn't change his own tire chains. Another one was when the policeman yelled at Mitty while he was driving because he wasn't going fast enough.
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The author uses a text structure that defines Walter Mitter as a victim who is unusual, in a good way, and who is different then everyone else.