Roman Roads

By: Tyler D

Why were the Roman Roads Built

The roads were built so it was easier to travel for the military so if they need to get to someplace quick they can use the roads. The roads were also really straight so you weren’t running in curved lines because they knew the fastest way from one point to another is a straight line. The Romans built over 50,000 miles of road by 200 A.D. mainly for the military conquest
this is a Roman road that was probably an entrance for a city

Materials Used to Build the Roads

First they would dig a trench where they wanted the road to go.

Second at the bottom of the trench, the Romans put sand for a strong base.
Next put crushed rocks on top of that.
After that they added gravel in cement to make it even stronger.

Then added sand, gravek, and cement so the tiles on the road laid flat.
Finally paving stones formed the surface of the road. These were cut so they fitted together tightly.

On the sides of the roads the romans put ditches so the water would drain off into the ditches instead of staying on the roads.

This is showing how the Romans build their roads

Who Built the Roads

Most of the roads were built by soldiers because they would travel the most on them and they would be more comfortable using them if they built them and knew how they were built so they wouldn't trip trying to run to combat.

Facts About Roman Roads

Romans put milestones along the road not to say which city they are in but how far away from rome it was. Also each time a new city was captured they made a road that went back to Rome.