By: Navi Gill

Entertainment Marketing

Marineland is a dolphin themed amusement park and a zoological establishment for both marine and area creatures, situated in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Can enjoy amazing performances by dolphins walruses, sea lions and beluga whales and or even see a killer whale up close. Inferable from its vicinity to the falls and other natural park territories and its mix of creatures and rides, it is one of the most visited destinations by tourist in Niagara Falls, Canada.


"Everyone Loves Marineland!"

This theme park builds excitement upon individuals before arriving to Marineland which contradicts to the slogan overall. Since the end result of each person visiting is left feeling fully satisfied with having all of their needs and wants meet to perfection

Popular advertisement of Marineland (T.V Commercial)

Everyone Loves Marineland Theme song commercial 2009

Target Market



  • Elementary students and middle school students
  • Between 4-15


  • Females
  • Males


  • Middle income level
  • Under $20,000
  • Rely on parents money
  • Allowance money


  • Full time elementary student


  • All ethnicities and religions are welcomed


  • Unrolled in elementary school or middle school

Family Size:

  • Family member of parents or siblings



  • Western Culture orientated

Lifestyle/Values/Personality Trait

  • Having an education is needed for them to achieve their career goals
  • Surrounding are important to them (Family, friends and teachers)
  • Highly engaged in being up to date with recent trend along children
  • Enjoy being involved in any sports/clubs in school or outside of school
  • Having a positive attitude


  • Positive
  • Careless
  • Require awarenee of their attitude


  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Engaging with video games
  • Partying
  • Going out such as to the local park


  • Being involved in fun activities
  • Sports



  • Ontario, Canada in the city of Niagara Falls
  • House
  • Apartments

City Size:

  • High populated throughout Ontario


Marineland is open mainly during the summer time thus meaning the weather overall is warm and sunny

Open from May 21- October 9


Usage Rate

  • Limited Users-Consumers go to this amusement park about once or twice during summer
  • Medium Users-Consumer visit Marineland more than a few types such as to be a part of all the special under shows Marineland has

Feature Desired

  • Being out during a hot summer da rather than being home doing noting

Brand Loyalty

  • Consumers are loyal to Marineland since it is only open during the summer time and kids want to go repeatedly

Promotional Plan


  • Marineland advertise the products through television, flyers, and social media. Through the t.v advertisement, children and families can been shown spending their day at Marineland and telling the audience about its benefits and offers Marineland has compared to other amusement parks. This is way of gaining mass audience because children are always enegaged in watching television so once they see the commercial their demand of visiting Marineland increases

Sales promotion:

  • FREE for children the ages of 4 and under

  • Child (5-12 years) -$37.95

  • Regular Rate-$45.99

  • Family appreciation day on May 21, 2016 has a promotion that includes all admission is free for all children the year of 12 and under

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  • Easily reachable for those whom live in Ontario
  • Rememberable slogan
  • Easy go to place for children's birthday's or spending the day with family
  • Best place for seeing the under show of dolphins


  • Near Niagara Falls which attracts more people and families since it caters for both children and adults
  • The children can experience the mist boat or the arcade where as the adults enjoy going to the casinos
  • Not enough rides compared to Canada's Wonderland


  • Able to easily market to children
  • Easy to expand and have more ride variety


  • Easily similar to Canada's Wonderland or even African Lion Safari
  • Loyal parks in neighbor are even a threat
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Direct Competition

Indirect Competition

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Positioning Reasoning

Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls has one the most consumers on a daily basic due to all target markets are directed whether it's adults, elderly, children, etc. Moreover, American's and many tourist from worldwide nations visit Niagara allowing for a higher amount of consumers to be directed towards. Adults have the opportunity to enjoy the casinos and luxury hotels whereas children are attracted to the rides and arcade zone.

Canada's Wonderland:

Canada's Wonderland is known for the fun thrilling rides for children and adults. Consumers are always dedicated in visiting Canada's Wonderland during the summer, giving a wide range Canadian citizens whom will visit. Affordable prices and easy to travel to the amusement park is another advantage consumers look for. Not only that, many people enjoy going to Wonderland for the funnel cake which is claimed to be the best.

Wild Water Kingdom: Wild Water Kingdom is very popular for families to go during the summer. Staying at the lodge appeals to adults because if they are travelling from a long distance, they're giving the option of staying for a night and getting away from busy lives.

It's a great place to kick down the cool with the water pool and slide. However, Wild Water Kingdom does not target to teenagers which is a huge disadvantage since they lose that target market consumers. Wild Water Kingdom strictly focus upon families with young children, this is even show in the T.V commercials.

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE): Canadian National Exhibition is a much smaller version of Canada's Wonderland, having a similar theme. However, CNE is not much heard of compared to other amusement parks due to the reason it's only open for a month during the summer limiting the time consumer's time to stop by to visit and enjoy. In this case, CNE is heavily based upon marketing/advertising due to the lack of awareness. This does help get the word across, but this loses so much money for the company thus being a win and lose situation.

Ontario Place: Ontario place opened on May 22nd 1971 and has changed overtime, but yet most consumers are not satisfied with Ontario place as a form on entertainment. The lack of rides, actives, food, changes the mind of the consumer to go spend their money somewhere else and be left fully satisfied . Whereas, other consumers believe Ontario Place is cheap, affordable and is somewhat decent in providing a form of entertainment.

African Lion Safari: Consumers enjoy visiting African Lion Safari since it's one of the only unique places you could go in Canada to sight see and even pet animals that you would not imagine to see. Allows children to understand nature and animals while having fun. As for parents they can sit down while enjoying themselves. A downfall, to African Lion Safari is the costing which is expensive, some consumers are willing to pay more while some would rather chose a different form of entertainment that is cheaper.

Head-to-head positioning

The direct competition in this case would be Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland, and Ontario Place which all offer the same form of entertainment to the same target market of Marine land's. Even though all these entertainment forms offer similar fun rides and activities, Marine Land allow themselves to be different because of the dolphin theme they contribute in. Each place are unique in their own way to attract more consumers, in this case Niagara Falls offers the casinos for adults, Canada's Wonderland focusing more on teenagers proving them a group package and having a park strictly for young children, and Ontario Place having breath taking sights. Marieland would use head-to-head positioning against its competitors by having the advantage of providing dolphin theme park. Having dolphin shows, underground area where you can up close see the dolphins, and even petting the dolphins. Overall, being unique in their own way.

Value Proposition

Marineland first opened in 1961, being of the first popular amusement park and zoo. Marineland is in the city of Niagara Falls thus being near the border of American, allowing a huge attraction for tourists. Marineland was first more focused upon being a zoo, but soon later having thrilling rides allowed their target markets to expand. Today, Marineland is know as a fun place to see sit down and enjoy the dolphin show then after go on fun rides. Great for both adults and children, having many types activities to keep everyone entertained.

Competitive Edge

Marineland always had a competitive edge by being a zoo and a fun amusement park. Over the many years, Marineland has changed in so many ways since it first opened to target a wider range of consumers by providing different two different forms of entertainments. Marineland will always focus on both equally, keeping up with rides, both marine and zoo. Marineland has a reputation for loving the place after you leave since being one is satisfied which is why the slogan is "Everyone loves Marineland".

Marineland having a competitive edge over its competitors:

  • Having one the biggest sky dropper ride
  • Dolphin under water show
  • Aquarium Dome
  • Huge variety of rides

Errors in positioning

Marineland overall never fails to leave a consumer dissatisfied of their needs and wants when enjoying entertainment. However, small changes can allows be made to expand as a whole, in this case Marineland having an new arcade for both adults and children will attract more consumers. This will be new for Marineland allowing them to focus a bit more of the amusement theme more over the marine and zoo theme.