Poetry Anthology



Hey I'm Adam Bitner I go to Eaton Highschool. I'm in 9th grade and I created a poetry anthology. Here it is.

The Course

I am from new clothes, from Callaway and titleist.

I am from the trees in the woods I am from the freshly cut grass, the thick oak logs

I am from Bear Lake and Sports, from dad and luke and Bitner

I am from the books and the golf course

From Elf and ginger

I am from a Book of Mormon.

I'm from Utah, corn and watermelon

From the crossing to US, the poor and rich, and the video games

I am from home.

Which Idea

No ideas where's my brain

How to write a story

Into a poem and make it good

Think think think

Got to get a good grade

What about my lack

My lack of ideas

Great idea

time to work on it

just got to type it up

put it into the website

then I get the grade

Is it clever

Clever enough or not

Just got to try

And hope

And pray

Here it is

Hope you like it

Worked hard

Everyday Life

Beep Beep!

No Sleep

Lights On

Clothes on

On Feet

Go Eat

Go! Go!

No! No!

Brush Brush

Flush Flush

Car time

School time

Teacher Teacher

Time leacher

More work

Let's work

School's done

More fun

Hurray Hurray!

Let's pray

Bed time

sleep time


Helpful and beautiful

Smart and funny

Fun and awesome

I love you mom

You help me with English

You're one of the smartest people I know

You make funny witty comments

You're such a fun person to be around

You're so awesome

What would I do

Without you

I love you mom

And I wish I could be half the person

You are everyday

You get me food

You teach me everyday

You're there for me

Golf Clubs

I’m like a set of clubs

Sometimes I cut deep

Other times I only brush

Sometimes I don’t even touch

I can help you fly

Or I can set you to roll

I can hurt some days

Or I can help some days

Sometimes I shine

Others I’m muddy

I can get you off the ground

Or push you higher

My effectiveness may vary

Depending on how you use me

Yet every day I’m ready

Just have to learn how to use me

I Love You Joey

I love you Joey

Why are you so cute

Such a great doggey

Though You're kinda mute

Really cute brown eyes

Makes me want to die

You never speak lies

You are a good guy

You're extremely smart

And faster than me

You don't seem to fart

You fill me with glee

I love you Joey

Just like you love me


This is my anthology. Hope you like it. I learned more about poetry. This helped me write my own poems with their own rhyme scheme. I learned it's not actually that hard to write a poem with a rhyme scheme. I thought a Sonnet was going to be really hard actually but once I found my groove it was really easy.