Gregor the Overlander

Connecting greek myths to modern literature

About the Gregor and the book

Gregor is a normal 11 year old boy who has two sister one slightly younger than him and his baby sister Boots. When gregor was only 8 years old his Father vanished and they never found out what happened to him

When Gregor has to stay home all summer to take care of his little sister. When he brings his sister Boots through a grate in the laundry room he goes to a dark underland beneath the city there giant spiders, bats, cockroaches and rats live. Gregor wants no part of this new and strange world. But when he discovers a strange prophecy foretells a role for what might solve his biggest mystery. This quest will change him and the underland

Gregor has similar traits to Greek heroes

In Greek mythology all heroes have traits of an archetypal hero gregor has some of these traits even though he’s a modern story. One of these traits is a traumatic event. In Gregor life his father has left unexpectedly and he is left being the man of the house. Also gregor has a special weapon for when he has his final battle this weapon was light this was needed for him to be able to see his opponents in the dark underland. Also in one attack gregor use a simple can of rootbeer to defeat his opponents.

Gregor has simular plot to greek myths

Also gregor has a similar plot were he goes to the underland for his quest while Orpheus goes to the underland for his quest for someone he loves and even though gregor isn't saving someone he loves romantically hes is saving someone who he loves and cares for


In many Greek myths the chacters have a prophecy they follow in gregor the overlander a prophecy is foretold to have him save his dad and the underland too


I personally thought this was a great book . This book is a easy read and interesting .this is is probably one of my new favorite books.and I'm already on the sequel and loving that the only bad part is the story takes a few chapter to you get into it
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