Personal Reflections

honors english 2012-2013

My greatest accomplishment this year

This year, I submitted four writings to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. On a Regional level, I received three gold keys. Those three gold keys then went on to New York to be judged on a national level. One of the three, a poem, received a silver key. I think that this was my greatest accomplishment this year because I was not expecting to receive three regional awards, let alone a national award. I feel extremely honored and receiving these awards has helped to concrete a potential college major for me.

My greatest accomplishment in english

This year, I think that my greatest accomplishment in English class was my six to eight page research paper on the effect of internet use on adolescent self-esteem. It was the most challenging research paper I have written in my high-school career, though not the longest piece I have written.

my favorite project this year

My favorite project this year was the Huck Finn trial. It was my favorite because I enjoyed the preparation and court procedure. I liked dissecting the book to really understand Mark Twain, and I feel that through the trial, I was forced to dig deeper into the author's thoughts in order to prove his innocence. I also enjoyed writing the article reviews. I feel I understood the objective well, and in college I hope to go into journalism or some related field.

Improvements for next year

As always, I want to improve my writing. I think that something that has really helped me this year was taking the AP exam. In the preparation packet, the authors gave the suggestion to underline the prompt to really understand what was being asked. Prior to the exam, I did not do that, and I believe it would have helped me this year. Since then, I have underlined prompts on several tests, and I believe it has helped me. I will continue with this practice next year.