The Christopher Killer

By Alane Ferguson

Plot Summary

The Christopher Killer is a mystery novel about Cameryn, a seventeen-year-old girl who begins to work as the assistant to the County Coroner, her dad. Her friend who happens to be the recent victim of the serial killer known as the Christopher Killer, but that puts Cameryn's life in danger.


The genre is mystery because there was a murder and they have to solve it.


The Christopher Killer had killed somebody in Silverton, CO where Cameryn lives and the Silverton police department has to figure it out.

Main Characters

  • Cameryn
  • Justin
  • Lyric
  • Hannah
  • Rachel
  • Adam


Silverton, Co

Point Of View

The point of view is 3rd person throughout the whole book.

Recommendation and Opinion

I recommend this book to people who like fast paced mystery and action. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it was a great book with a good story line.


The theme is over coming your fears and obstacles.