Campbell's Corner

February 6-10

Team Time-Kid Talk

This week our CST members will join us at our team times. We will revisit students we discussed in December and January, update open IPSPs, and discuss new student concerns.

Professional Development- LETRS

This week we will have LETRS worktime in the PD room. You will need your laptop, headphones, and LETRS materials.

February Fact Fluency Reminders

The first 10-15 minutes of your math intervention block should be addition and subtraction fact strategies. If you need support with planning or teaching these strategies, I'm happy to dig in with you!

K: Counting on/back (+/- 1 +/-2)

1: Make a 10

2: Make a 10

3-5: Review addition and subtraction strategies

Progress Monitoring Check-Ins

At our grade level Team Time next week we will dig in to our progress monitoring data for celebrations and to brainstorm any instructional changes we need to make.

All Tier 2-3 students should be progress monitored weekly to confirm interventions are working.

Dates to Remember

February 1: SAEBRS window opens

February 6: BLT meeting

February 7: Paid Planning with Tana Ruder

February 14: Valentine's Parties and staff meeting

February 17: District Inservice at Beech (elementary classroom teachers and paras)

February 20: No School

February 22-24: Student-led conferences

February 24: Community Day

February 27: WICOR Observations

February 28: Paid Planning

Classroom Happenings

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