Famous Florentine Sculptor by: Michael Starr


Born 1386, in Florence Italy, Donato di Niccola di Betto Burdi spent most of his life in Florence and worked in a workshop of a famous sculpture, Lorenzo Gihberti. He studied under his wing and mastered the art sculpting. He also became a sculptor and ended up with his own workshop. He created the Saint Mark sculpture, David, The Crucifixion, and Virgin and Child. As well as many other famous creations. He also partnered with an architect Michelozzo and they journeyed Rome together while in Rome they collaborated the tomb of Pope John XXII.

His Work

Donatello had made many famous works that can be seen all over Florence. He used techniques from the current era and from the Middle Ages. From religious works from nude sculptures, he was one of the best Florentine Sculptors of his time. He made life like statues and brought light to the artistic world of the early Renaissance.

Donatello's Creations